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It is believed that you attract who “you” really are. If you speak positively to the Universe, the forces get together to bring you positivity. This would be considered cheesy in the modern world and I know some might even laugh behind their smartphones thinking “kya bakwaas kar raha hai“. That’s OK. Carry on with your thought process. I’ll find a way to laugh at you too. Or punch you in the face. Fikar not.

I miss my students in India and Syracuse where I put my heart and soul teaching them Martial Arts and Physics and earned a lot of love and respect. I hope to become an educator someday where sensitivity and being intuitive is considered a virtue. Around this time of last year I thought I want to start a Fit Club for kids. And this year it so happened I got this opportunity to work with teaching fitness to kids. Many thanks to my friends Geeta and Manish who trusted me to be good enough to be a part of this initiative and contribute. 

So now I’m getting a little greedy and I’m speaking to the Universe with this blog now and hope I can be an educator some day and also expressing my gratitude to my amazing educators on this very auspicious day who have taught me so much in life.


Love and Gratitude,


Coach V
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Coach V
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