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Fear of abandonment –

During our growing up years, as a child, if we do not receive validation that we are OK as people, we fear abandonment. If your support system (parents at a small age) do not validate your thoughts, the fear of abandonment amplifies and seeps into your adult life.

But teen life happens and you start trusting your friends and believe somewhere someone may not abandon you. You give it all and you start believing maybe there is hope. And then maybe your girlfriend or your boyfriend dumps you. Or abandons you. You start believing this is how life is.

So adult life happens. Now, your experiences have taught you to fear getting close to people because what the heck, they’ll abandon you because everyone someday sometime does so you fear getting close and fear trusting people.

What I’ve learned over the course of last 4 years especially is that abandonment is part of the process. Embrace it and be prepared for it. Know that with very few exceptions, especially in the instant gratification world, most people would not want to go through the slow, gruesome process of cultivating positive relationships and valuing them. Everything will most likely be a passing phase. And we have to embrace the changing thought processes and think of it as evolution. Going forward we would be depending upon our apps to tell us if we’re good enough or not and perhaps the newer generation would be happy receiving validation online versus a trusted friend or a parent or spouse. I don’t know. Just random thoughts.

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