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There is no shame in accepting the fact that each one of us has been emotionally hurt at some point and have not been able to trust anyone fully after a particular episode or an event. We forgot what it is to experience true and unconditional love. In fact, we stopped believing in love after a certain point. There is no shame in accepting that going for support group or 1:1 therapy was the choice you made at that certain point. It’s OK. It’s absolutely OK. I made that choice not too long ago for an unbiased, professional to help me and I have no shame in accepting that fact.

Accepting a problem is the first step to solving it. But first we have to let go of shame, fear and above all, stop worrying about people abandoning us. Because abandonment is part of the process but we have to learn to protect ourselves in this flaky instant coffee mindset. Sooner or later, you will experience abandonment which will take away your simplicity, your nativity, even your honesty and you will look at everything with a doubtful mindset. Accept abandonment. Accept the flaky instant coffee mindset. Accept it all. Embrace it all. Peace out.

Love and Gratitude,


Coach V
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Coach V
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