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I’ve been reading “Reversing Heart Disease” as part of our Yoga curriculum and at one point the book talks about folks who only talk about themselves (I, Me, Myself) is an after effect of isolation and that increases the odds of heart disease. It has been stated and very well documented that Chronic Stress, Loneliness, Isolation are the reasons why Heart Diseases exist in addition to lack of exercise and good diet. Add the immigrant label to this equation and the isolation is further increased to a large extent.

Now nothing against Corporations and Social Media but it got me thinking if “tell us how you will contribute here to help this place become better” instead of “tell me about yourself” would be a better way to start thinking and interviewing people so we could create a culture where we can start talking about others instead of ourselves?

Another aspect to this logic is Social Media which many have pointed out but not really nailed to the exact reason where we are talking about ourselves (at least it has become that way for sure instilling and promoting narcissistic habits) which makes us more isolated and alone? Are we indirectly promoting unhealthy, narcissistic and isolated behavior patterns? I don’t know. But it’s something to really think about.

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