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Steps for selecting a Personal Fitness Trainer. 


Personal Fitness Training is an extremely rewarding job where you see your members aka clients transform in front of you within weeks, days. Their transformation is mental, physical and to a large extent, even spiritual. There is a state of metamorphosis where they feel differently about themselves. And this is why you’re a Personal Fitness Trainer aren’t you? 


But what about folks who’re looking for a Trainer and not sure how to select one? What should you be looking in a Personal Fitness Trainer to make sure your hard earned money is correctly invested towards you. 


1) Passion for Fitness – This is the number one quality you should be looking in your trainer is he/she passionate about fitness? Does your trainer walk the walk? Does your trainer read newer subjects on fitness to keep him or herself updated on the latest in fitness? Look for this soft skill. 


2) Walk the walk – When your trainer asks you to perform a certain exercise, is he/she able to do it themselves? You cannot ask your clients to perform a certain exercise if you’re not able to do it yourself. When in doubt, ask your trainer demonstrate the exercise they’re talking about. 


3) Certifications – Although this is not regulated in the United States for personal fitness trainers, it is imperative you ask for their certifications. Are they accredited? Is the trainer CPR/AED certified? Check all of these even though this should not be the reason you sign up with the trainer. This is just a basic sanity check. Very minimum requirement, so to speak. 


4) Years of experience – How many years has the trainer been working as a coach. What is his/her background. A lot of things are learned outside the classroom. Years of experience combined with certifications = safe movements. 


5) Setting up new goals – Is your trainer making you perform the same movements, same exercises over and over? What’s the point of having a trainer then? You might as well turn on YouTube and workout. The trainer is there to help you set newer goals in terms of body composition, body chemistry and performance. Encouraging you to participate in a race, setting new body weight goals for you, asking you to hit that pull up numbers, all these are newer goals. Your trainer must track all these to ensure you’re progressing and talk with you each month to share your progress with you. 


While interviewing a trainer, make sure to take a checklist with you and ask for a free trial class. Most trainers would be glad to give you a free class. So go for it, having a personal Fitness trainer can be a life changing experience for sure if you choose wisely. 


Love and Gratitude,



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