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Ok, so a few weeks back, I wrote a blog on “Choosing the Right Personal Trainer”. However, today’s blog is for Personal Trainers on “Choosing the Right Clientele”. You might wonder why it matters, after all it’s just another job where you deal with people. Not really. Being a Personal Trainer is like being a teacher, you have to have heart to work this through. You have to believe that you really like to see people transform and make friends along the way. 
The trouble is these cliched dialogues are dime a dozen in most places and it takes away the element of seriousness when someone really means it. But if this is not your second nature you have to choose a different profession or become a robot to just finish your tasks. 
If this resonates with you, let’s read further. 
Personal Training or leading group exercises is much more than randomly throwing a bunch of exercises at your client. It’s an energy exchange and the energy can either rejuvenate you or drain you. You also have to understand what they need and what will help them perform better. So here are my top 3 traits to look for in a client before you start working with them. 
1) Trust
This is the foundation of any relationship. That includes Personal Training as well. Does your Client trust you. Do you trust your client. If there is no trust, the working relationship will not last long. You can sense this during the screening process. 
2) Respect
Does your client respect you. Do you respect your client. Do they notify you in case of any change in plan or for any cancellation or do they keep you hanging. Are they on time for the sessions. Do they stick to their word. Are their payments on time. Works both ways of course and all these things come down to basic etiquettes and being respectful. Just because someone is paying you for your services, doesn’t mean they own you.
3) Energy Exchange
Do you look forward to meeting your client or do you mostly dread the meeting. Depending upon your answer, the client is either draining you or having a positive energy exchange. It’s possible they may also find you draining them of their energy. Doesn’t matter, what matters is you both are not in sync with each other. And that will affect your client’s progress. 
These are soft skills and the foundation of your relationship with your client. I won’t be able to explain this aspect to bunch of robotic people who just want to make a quick buck. But being a Personal Trainer is a very rewarding job if you choose the right people to work with. I absorb energies very easily and that’s my intuitive nature where I can screen someone in 10 seconds and know exactly if I will be working with that person or not. And believe me, “no” is a wonderful word. If something doesn’t feel right in your gut, it probably isn’t. If there is no positive energy exchange, your performance will drop, you’ll start to stammer and you might even not be happy working through. I know it happens with me. There’s a selective few people I work with where I know for sure that they have the best interests for me and I have the best interests for them.
Sometimes the silence is deafening and the reason we need to be more intuitive in a politically correct society is because people won’t say much but you can sense stuff. Don’t turn that sound down, don’t second doubt your gut instinct, follow it through with human relationships and you’ll thank yourself. 

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek 
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