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I am suggesting that we have a “Gratitude Day” just like “Father’s Day”, “Mother’s Day”, “Valentine’s Day”, etc. to inculcate the “Attitude of Gratitude”. I don’t believe these things need to be forced or can be taught but it does seem like with the ever evolving technology and the perception of “knowing” people, it has to be enforced so it can become a way of life versus a study/research and be more intuitive. 

Especially when folks try to fight the force that helps them. I speak this from personal experience; I’ve made this a practice for the last 3 years => not to stay in touch with ungrateful folks. I eliminate them entirely, because part of having a healthy lifestyle is eliminate toxic, ungrateful, fake and thankless people. Of course there are days when you have stress, tiredness, and all of that and you do talk about those things. And I’m not saying if you have a difference of opinion or a misunderstanding with anyone and both try and fix the problem by talking with each other instead of shutting themselves down. We all have good days and bad days and that’s OK, we’re all humans and have those days. My reference is for folks who are entirely ungrateful for everything. They might even agree with you on many things but you know in your gut that the vibe isn’t just there. It is extremely important to have the right people in your life. Extremely. Very. Totally. Whatever. 

So, this one quality that we can enable our children with and enable ourselves with is Gratitude. A quality in any human, that makes them, well, human.

Love and Gratitude,


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