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I hear this term quite a bit, let’s everyone get on the same page. And it sounds like we are referring to a page in the book. But wait how would that exactly signify to be on the same level or be in resonance or the same frequency. How would the same page of a book have any correlation with the fact that a group of people understand each other. For all we know they could be reading different lines. Too far fetched. Ok let’s rewind.

The word “page” is in fact a telecommunications terminology, in the sense, on the same frequency. The “pager” was designed based on this term, wherein you could page someone and they would receive your message. If you’re not on the same “page” you won’t receive their message. When figuratively speaking, the message won’t go across if you’re not on the same resonating frequency. The same logic is applied to telecommunication systems.

Speaking of energy, if a group of people are not communicating with a positive energy (resonance again) there is bound to be misunderstanding, confusion and unnecessary conflict.

Are we on the same “page” now?

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek

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