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5 Red Flags of Emotional Abuse and Narcissistic Traits

Manipulative, Bad Listening: Listening to resolve a conflict not to aggravate it further. Finding a solution and being objective about the situation. Making decisions together, rational decisions, not being reckless. Narcissistic personalities ignore, deride, belittle your point of view. They talk pleasingly when they need you, then they throw you away once you’re done with.

Me, me, me: It’s all about them. Their family, their life, their habits, their language. If you constantly notice someone you’re in a relationship with only talk about themselves and their family, RUN! That’s a red flag right there.

I can break the rules: If the narcissistic person cheats on you, it’s your fault because you made them do it. It could be a relationship outside of marriage, financial infidelity, a hidden bank account, a hidden agenda, anything. They set different rules for you and have an excuse for their methods or actions. They get angry when you ask them about the hidden expense or something they did and not talk to you about it. They hold themselves above everyone else.

I’m always right: They are never wrong. NEVER! If you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic (Mother, Father, Spouse, Friend), you’ll never see them apologize to you for their behavior. Because they always feel and believe they are right. They are not wired to understand someone else’s pain, feelings or have empathy for anyone. When they push you to the edge, which will happen because everyone has a breaking point, they will blame you once again for having uncontrolled emotions. They take no responsibility or accountability in any relationship.

They are not suppressed, they are entitled: They are never able to hold on to relationships, not ever able to have a decent conversation, unable to maintain long term good friends. They may have relationships that are very shallow but not deeply connected emotionally. If they do have a relationship with someone, it may be another narcissist where they validate each other’s actions. They make fun of people who express their emotions. But the world need to take their emotions seriously (or lack of emotions thereof). It’s all about getting attention not about empathy.

I highly recommend going through a few sessions of therapy to realize and understand that you are being abused. Because sometimes we don’t even realize we being abused. We think it’s normal. Before we lose our sense of normalcy and know real feelings of unconditional love, you need to cut ties from this person in your life. No one has the right to abuse you, violate your emotional freedom. You can criticize someone’s behavior but not their core values. Not them as a person. This blog cannot serve as therapy but perhaps a jump start into really understanding healthy boundaries, cutting ties with narcissists and moving towards believing in yourself.

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