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No one is a leader by virtue of the position they work at any organization. A leader is a leader irrespective of the label they wear. A lot of managers and supervisors start believing they’re leaders, which is not necessarily true. So! Here’s my top 5 things that I believe leaders really need to start doing.

1) No bookish answers, no one size fits all.

I’ve seen this with many businesses. There’s bookish answers and a bookish script that people read through and make a process out of something very simple and straightforward. People want a product, you have the product or you can rephrase in your mind that people have a problem and you have a solution. Selling happens as a by product of “solving a problem” mindset. 

2) Doesn’t say “Good Job” all the time. Says only when he/she means it. 

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

“Nip the trouble in the bud.”

These short sayings or statements have a reason, they have a meaning. Good job has become very cliched and used way too often where it loses its actual value. Saying “Good Job” is again a bookish statement and creates a false sense of worth, a false pat on the back. It means nothing. Unless it is said from the heart. And if the leader wishes to criticize, it can be done in a 1:1 setting and focus on the problem. 

3) Leads by example and trusts people 

Yep, cliched but true. You can’t ask people to do things you’re not comfortable doing. You have to be able to take on the task yourself, show how it’s done and then delegate forward. 

4) Have basic education (or value education) or reads books on s variety of subjects

The trouble with most people undervaluing education is because more often than not, we are shown success stories of folks who have dropped out of college giving a false sense of validation that it’s ok to not complete your education. That’s again, false sense of worth. If we were to read the failure stories of people who dropped out of college, you’d dread dropping out of college. Not only that, education helps us change our mindset, the way we think, the way we communicate with peers and friends, the way we express ourselves. Education shapes and builds our character. Education helps improve analytical, interpersonal skills and makes us realize the importance of specialized skill sets. 

5) Understands that it takes all kinds of people to make this world 

This goes back to treating people fair. No favoritism, no political agenda just pure team strength where everyone feels secure and able to talk to their leader without hesitation or fear of being judged. Everyone has a different skill set to offer. Everyone has a different method of feeling motivated. Some people are motivated by money, some by respect, some by appreciation, some by basic day to day etiquettes. Finding the right positive trigger is the job of a leader. If the leader talks about someone in a derogatory manner in front of you, know that they will do the same thing about you in your absence. If the leader cannot encourage someone, they need to back off and not discourage anyone. 

Leaders cannot be built. I don’t believe so. They’re either born with it or not. To a large extent, management schools can build fake leaders with the only intent of selling. There’s always exceptions but I’m speaking on a broader term. After spending 18 years in the workforce and almost 20 years away from home, I know I’m in a decent position to see through bull shit. 

Again, by no means is this list comprehensive. We can perhaps look at big leaders and learn a few things but the leaders did it from the heart and genuinely had empathy for the people that work with them. When management schools teach these fundamentals their agenda is how to improve businesses which loses the core value that the business is founded on: human relationships and genuinely feeling good about it. 

In short, it’s important to be real, to be a good friend and not be a fake human being reading a script from a blog, a book or from the corporate HQs that sent them a script to read from.

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek 

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