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5 Signs of a Narcissistic, Toxic Parent

1)      Absolute communication, the Parent is always right. As a result, the children learn to lie and manipulate as a way to get out of the situation and feed the parents ego.

2)      Acceptance is withheld, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled before you’re accepted as their child. You owe me. And the acceptance is short-lived. As a result, eventually, the children learn to just let go and not even try to mend relationships that are worth it. In short, they stop trying. They also start believing that this is the normal definition of love. If a parent can behave this way, what does that tell you about the world?

3)      Abuse, Yelling is common; physical, mental, emotional. As a result, children either lie to comply, shut themselves down and do trust anyone with their thoughts and feelings. They also learn to treat others with silence, and may end up shunning helping hands and lose their trust. Children of Narcissistic parent usually find ways to lie and manipulate anyone and everyone because that’s what they’ve learned. They may even turn to violence if the lying and manipulating doesn’t work. They also believe that this is the way life works. They may have an inflated sense of grandiose and disregard others needs and emotions.

4)      One way talk. Usually the narcissistic parent does the talking and when the children do not confide in the parent, they turn the tables around and blame the child for their behavior. It’s a chain reaction and almost like a sinking sand. Eventually, children of narcissistic parent, usually end up not communicating with anyone for fearing of getting drained. What they don’t realize is, they end up losing valuable friends who want to put in the effort of healthy communication.

5)      Immature behavior by the parent; sulking, crying, emotional blackmail, silent treatment, unacceptance, these are techniques used by the narcissistic parent to control or dominate their child. Eventually, the children grow up and grow apart, having no emotional connection with the parent. In fact, they may even have trouble maintaining an honest and a stable relationship in the future. Because one day or the other, the lying, manipulating and display of superficial image will be exposed and they will earn a reputation that will not allow people to trust them. 

If you’ve grown up in a narcissistic environment, perhaps your definition of a normal relationship is distorted. It would a good idea to meet with a therapist or self help books and work your issues before you get into a long term commitment such as marriage. I wish they taught these things in school instead of churning robotic individuals for the work force.

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