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10 signs of an Empath:

1) Absorbing people’s energies.

2) Sensitive Intuition and Sensitivity vs Logic.

3) People exhaust you, you become more introverted. Or rather selectively extroverted.

4) You attract broken people who need emotional support. Some may even attract narcissists.

5) Noisy places exhaust you, there’s no 1:1 heart to heart connection just movement around which doesn’t support the emotional well being of an empath.

6) An empath can see through lies. An empath knows when someone is talking to them for gaining something or they really mean to stay in touch. An empath sees through all of this, smiles and takes a back seat. He/she knows what exactly is going on. The trust factor is affected but the empath chooses to save their energy and not let them know.

7) An empath is an emotional healer. Most empath make good teachers, counselors, and provide a safe place for people that turn to them for support. As long as you’re honest with the empath. An empath has the gift of truly listening and understanding and helping others heal through these qualities. Not everyone makes this a priority to be there for others.

8) An empath starts off with helping everyone and then slowly learns to be selective. Because they learned that some people will come to them for healing then leave them and kick them in the teeth once their objective is met. An untrained empath will be used. A trained empath knows when and where to spend their energy with.

9) An empath usually has no one else to talk with because they are looked upon as healers so they often ignore their own problems.

10) The empath loves to share their knowledge and help people. An untrained empath has some expectations; a simple thank you, keeping in touch, updates from those they help and not receiving phone calls only when others need something. A trained empath on the other hand may refuse to give any more time to folks that don’t value your effort or set zero expectations and not stay in touch as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from future “getting kicked in the teeth scenario”.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above, you must talk to a therapist who specializes in training empaths so you can help others without becoming a doormat. Being an empath is not the issue, being untrained is.

Love and Gratitude,


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