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Diverse Hybrid

Guys, I’m going to start this hybrid tmrw. The concept is taken from Jay Cutler’s routine and I’ve created my own routine. It includes Military Training routines and some functional movement as well.

No specific day for cardio. Detailed routine below for each specific day.

My goal is to video shoot each move and create a routine for you all, but not sure how much I can shoot each day and post videos. But will keep shooting hopefully and keep posting as much as I can. Wish I had a partner here to help me video shoot and workout.

This is the most diverse hybrid I’ve created. Routines are short, intense and explosive in movement. You’ll see some crazy push ups that I have not tried and not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

Feel free to ask any Qs.

Arms Back Neck and Traps Back Chest Biceps and Forearms Chest Legs Shoulders and Triceps Shoulders

Here’s the YouTube playlist showing the movements in the sheet above.

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