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This is probably my best and most favorite recipe that I tried last night for dinner! And a very important thing, choice of vessel matters. Take a deep round vessel and the stir fry turns out much better than a shallow vessel. 
– Take 8 oz of raw chicken cut into small slices and put them in the vessel. Let it dry a little before adding oil. 
– Add 1Tbsp cooking oil (I added Avocado Oil) and I imagine butter also would be a good choice. 
– Add crushed Garlic, Ginger, Cayenne pepper, Black pepper, Salt. I added a little turmeric also just cause I wanted to.
– Cook for 5 minutes or so until chicken looks almost ready. 
– Take stir fry mixture vegetables such as mushrooms, green and yellow peppers, cabbage, onions, and add to the pan.
– Stir fry on low heat for few more minutes.
– Towards the end, I added balsamic vinegar. You could choose to add lime but the balsamic vinegar gave the mixture a texture of adding Soy Sauce without adding the Soy Sauce. 😋 
– Serve with Farro. It takes about the same time to cook/boil as white rice and the texture is very chewy. For folks who don’t like Brown Rice, this is your go-to grain. 
– Eat alone. Don’t share with anyone. No ways. It’s too tasty to share with anyone. Be a mean person until dinner is done. Then be nice again. Until the next recipe. 😄

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