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I highly recommend you bookmark this page. This page will not only tell “What” to do, but also “How” to.

To reach your goal you’ve got to start somewhere. The fact that you have reached this page and are reading this, shows that you want to start but don’t know where. Well, guess what! You’ve reached the right place! This page will explain in detail what you need to do in order to get started with your Fitness Goals.

So, where do you start?

Step 1: Choose a workout program and get a Coach!

You may or may not already have a workout program with you and/or have a Coach. If not, be sure you make me your coach. It’s free, doesn’t cost you anything, and entitles you to be part of my team so I can help you every step of the way on your journey to reach your fitness goals. Do that by clicking the here. If you already have an account, and you would like to have me as your Coach, you will need to make a Coach switch.

To process that, you will need to send an email to coachrelations@teambeachbody.com and request them to assign VIVEK CHAWLA, COACH ID 107153 as your Coach. Please copy me (FitnessCoachV@Gmail.Com) on that email so I can make sure the switch is processed.

You may be deciding which workout program would be best for you. Frankly speaking, there is something for everyone. You can start with something like 10 minute trainer or Slim in 6. You can go for an extreme workout like P90X or Insanity. You can go for an absolutely INSANE workout program like P90X2 or Asylum. Or you can do something in between like Pump, Power 90, ChaLean Extreme, or Turbo Fire. Look in the Workout Programs” tab at the top of this website to learn all about the different options you have.

Some of you may decide you just need a workout program to get started. That’s perfectly fine, better than sitting on a Couch. But, if you’ve decided to change your habits and make this a lifestyle, you will need good, solid nutrition.

You can check out the Challenge Pack option to save money on a BUNDLE package, that gives you (a) A Fitness Program (b) Shakeology (c) Support.

Step 2: Determine the equipment you’ll need!

If you choose a workout program like Insanity or Turbo Fire, you won’t need anything except a way to play the DVD’s and a towel to wipe up all the sweat. I do recommend investing in a good pair of cross-training shoes, a heart rate monitor and a Jump Mat. However, with a workout program that involves resistance training (like P90X, Power 90, and ChaLean Extreme), you’ll need some dumbbells, pull up bar and/or resistance bands. I personally prefer dumbbells, but bands work well too. You’ll need a mix of sizes since the exercises vary so much. On some exercises you can lift a lot of weight, and on others you’ll need very light weight. If you have a set of hex dumbbells, great! If not and you’re trying to save space, you can get a single set of adjustable dumbbells like those made by LifeSmart, Bowflex or Powerblocks. For P90X you’ll need also need a pullup bar (or again you can use the bands to substitute). There are also lots of other nice pieces of equipment you might want to add (optional), which you can look at in the Apparel and Gear” tab. I highly recommend the Power Stands and a Jump Mat.

Some of you might have a gym membership, that’s great! But remember to have a plan when you walk into the gym. You’re making an investment with your time, make sure to get value out of the time spent in the gym.

Step 3: Document everything!

How do you know what to if you didn’t know what you did! – Tony Horton from P90X. This makes total sense. Plus, it’s easy, you get the workouts sheets with the program. If you need an extra copy to print those out, look in the “Beachbody Worksheets” tab under “Workout Zone“.

Step 4: Educate yourself about nutrition.

And I don’t mean dieting. In fact, you’ve got to fuel your body with the highest quality of nutrition. The level of results you get is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the effort you put into the nutrition. So many people neglect this area. And while it may be cumbersome to study up on it, it’s as valuable as the workouts to giving you the transformation you are after. You need to eat good, wholesome, nutritious foods. Get rid of the junk in your home and start filling up with healthy options. Check out my blogs in the “Nutrition” section. Also, go to www.myfitnesspal.com and register for free to track your nutrition. You can friend me there, my screen name is ‘mumbhaaai‘, send me a friend request and we can see each other’s food diary’s, that way I will be able to evaluate and critique your food plan.

As a rule of thumb, always have a mixer/blender, Whey Protein, Multi-Vitamins, Essential Omega 3 (Fish Oils) and access to SuperFoods using Shakeology to give your body the fuel and nutrition it needs while on any workout programs. Do check out the Shakeology Cornerto learn about the Healthiest Meal of the Day! Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations on each product.

Also, check out the Nutrition Zone tab on this website for sample meal plans that I use/have used.

Step 5: Plan to be a TEAM PLAYER!

It’s so important to be part of a team when taking this journey. A team will help hold you accountable. A team will keep you motivated. You will become more passionate about your journey as you share it with others. That’s one of the best things about us — we provide each other with the support, encouragement, and kick in the rear that we all need sometimes. We have a Facebook page where we hold challenges, win prizes, help each other with nutritional tips, help each other modify workouts based on our needs. If you’re not part of a team, you’re missing a very essential part of your journey. Connect with me on Facebook and I will get you set up.

Step 6: It won’t be easy, but it will be WORTH IT!

These workouts are TOUGH! Eating right is TOUGH! Breaking old habits is TOUGH! If you are willing to take the first step, you must know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. You will be sore in places you never knew existed. You will feel crappy for the first days. It will be hard to break out of your comfort zone. Sure, eating pizza is easy, sitting on a Couch and watching TV is easy. This is NOT! You need to develop the mindset that you will push through these feelings, day in and day out. Keep at it and you will improve. Don’t wait for “someday” to start, that someday is today!

Step 7: Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

If you’re skeptical about anything, that’s a good sign. It means you’re going to be willing to make an educated choice. Although, you will have to put all the doubts and fears aside, and set your goals and be willing to go the distance to achieve your goals. This website is an open-source forum for everyone to ask/discuss anything you may want help with. In fact, I would be happy to learn something from you as well. So, please, ask any questions you feel like.

Step 8: Checklist for basic things you need and familiarize yourself with.

1) Browse through the blogs under “Workouts“, “Nutrition“, “Healthy Recipes“, “Supplementssections for ideas and tips.
2) Get a Food measuring Scale

3) Body Fat Tester
4) Food Measuring Cups and Spoons
5) Check out the
1900 Calorie Meal Plan
6) Click before pictures to submit at teambeachbody to win cash prizes, etc.

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