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I was always a “fat kid” while growing up. I was almost always 20-25 lbs heavier than my classmates. I was mostly made fun of and as time went by, I became more and more sensitive towards the way I was being addressed. At home, my father never cared about me. He called me a “loser”, “stupid”, “worthwhile” and also beat me. He would deride me in front my friends, family members and almost everyday, my quest was to prove myself to him that I can do something worthwhile with my life.

Back Injury

I broke my coccyx around 16 years of age, a few school kids were trying to make fun of me and one of them pushed me and I fell straight on my tailbone. I was on the floor, crying in pain, while the kids were laughing at me.

Martial Arts

I started becoming passive-aggressive with all the anger I had inside of me and  I decided to channelize my anger. I decided to learn Martial Arts. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee were (and are) my role models. With a broken tailbone, I enrolled for the class and had to modify the stomach situps and did side crunches or push ups and went on with my training. I was not the best in class, but I was the most persistent. My Sensei hired me and I started teaching Martial Arts all over Mumbai, India and had 750 students to train. While studying for my Bachelors Degree in Physics, I did many jobs; as a door2door salesman; an extra in Indian movies. I then enrolled for a Masters Degree in Physics and started preparing to study further in the USA.

Graduation, Job and Lifestyle

As soon as I completed my degree, I moved to the United States for higher education. I graduated, got a job, got married and settled down. But I knew deep inside, I was missing something. The satisfaction of training and helping others was missing. I was also eating junk most of the time and I still remember back in 2008, during one of my work related projects, due to all the work related stress and bad eating habits, I fainted in the bathroom. The bathroom knob hit my upper back and next thing I knew, I was on the floor. I had lost count/track of time. Luckily, the time lost wasn’t much, perhaps 30 sec to a minute. I knew I needed a lifestyle change, I knew I had to do something. I didn’t know what to do or where to start. And I remembered having the P90X workouts with me at the time at home. However, I never set a start date.

My Fitness Journey

Flashback: I came to know about P90X during my project in Canada back in 2008. I saw the infomercials on TV in my hotel room and the workouts resonated with the training I had done with Martial Arts. I had a gut feeling; this workout program is not going to be easy. But I also had this mentality that I am a Black Belt in Martial Arts, how hard can a home-based workout program really be?

So, fast forward to 2011, I decided to give it a try. I knew setting up a date is never going to happen; something has to be done spontaneously. At least I want to get a feel for the type of training P90X has to offer.

I could not believe that I was dying half way through Chest/Back DVD on Day 1. It seemed like a never-ending workout. And then I was to work the Ab RipperX?!?! Unbelievable! I knew I had found the right program; the question was how to survive the next 89 days.

It was time to get serious about nutrition. I started focusing on the nutrition plan and realized this was not a “Diet” plan; it was an “Eating Right” plan. I started enjoying all the foods on the guide, versus starving myself (Starving was something that I had been doing for a long time and the weight gain/weight loss was a yo-yo cycle). I started feeling sick during week 6-7 and took a 1 week break. I knew my nutrition plan was missing something. After looking online, I found my Coach, Wayne Wyatt. I saw his results and was blown away! I contacted him and he helped me with my questions, modifications, and a lot of things. All the information was for FREE! It was unbelievable!

I realized I was missing the SuperFoods in my diet, multi-vitamins, Omega3s and I started focusing on including these supplements in my diet. Wayne suggested I try Shakeology and being a skeptic, I ignored his advice for quite sometime. It took me sometime to order Shakeology and I was hooked. The synergy of SuperFoods is AMAZING and it’s a great quick and easy snack on the go. I have adjusted my taste buds, but Shakeology scored great in that department! Having a sweet tooth, that is my go-to meal when I feel like having something sweet.

Beachbody has provided people with a system. Sure, people got in good shape even before there was P90X or Shakeology. But the fact that it provides people with a system takes the guesswork out of the equation.

The Coaching opportunity resonated with what I did back in India. Training and helping people with their fitness journey. The P90X and Insanity certifications also are a great plus to me as a Coach as they offer credibility and knowledge in the fitness aspect.

I have a son now, who turned 1 year old in June. I want to be a good father, lead by example and be a hero to my son. I work hard everyday to become that. I hope I can become the father–figure, the hero, the role model I never had. But I don’t regret not having one, because I would never be the person I am today if I did not go through with the process of falling down and getting back up. AMEN to that!

Thank you GOD for all the Blessings and Strength.

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As a Coach, I am giving it back to the community and channelizing my energy to spread the knowledge.

Objective of this Website and Getting Started

The objective of this website is to help people get back on track (or start with) their respective fitness goals. Also, my sincere hope is to inspire some of the Youth today to start looking at fitness as a lifestyle. Youth is power and the newer generation is getting smarter by the day. All they need is direction, and the objective of this website is to help and inspire everyone and be a part of a like-minded community.

Don’t know where to start?Click here to read on ‘Getting Started’. There is everything for everyone. If you’re already in good shape and need that extra kick to get your fitness to another level, go for P90X, P90X2, Insanity and The Asylum. These are extra-hard workouts and the most extreme and intense programs. Depending upon your current fitness level and/or goals, these may be out of your league and that’s OK, it’s nothing to feel bad about. For anyone looking to build Muscle, Body Beast is a great lifting routine focusing on muscle growth.

But what if you’re someone starting out new and these programs are overwhelming for you? What are the other programs you might want to go consider?

Power 90 is a great program who aren’t quite ready for P90X. The nutrition plan for P90 is very similar to P90X. The workouts are shorter, and still have a lot of variety. Some folks believe P90 is not as good, since it’s easier than P90X, but you can still have a great transformation with P90.

What about the ladies who want to burn fat, get toned, and look lean? ChaLean Extreme and TurboFire are extremely popular with the ladies. Of course, there is the Slim in 6.

For super-busy people, there’s the 10-Minute Trainer. For folks who have completed intense programs (P90X, Insanity, etc.) can always go for hybrids (also check under the Workout Zone tab on this website) and mix up using Tony Horton 1on1′s in addition to P90X2 and The Asylum.
Check out Workout Programs tab on this website to find a program that fits your goals.

If you’re still unsure about which program would fit your needs or need any clarification, Contact me and I can help you decide.

You can buy any program, you can join a gym or you can read these blogs all day long, but the key thing is to start a workout program and stick with it. Join teamYodha and receive free 1on1 Coaching to reach your fitness goals.

Most often, people ask me if P90X (or any of the workouts) work, my answer to that question is a question that has the answer –> “Are YOU willing to work??”

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