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Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing programs, of course 2 is supposed to be done after you’re done with 1, but there is something I’m finding out as I go with Asylum 1 again and why it’s better than Vol2.

1) Workouts are shorter in Vol 1 v/s Vol 2. Except Game Day

2) Workouts such as “Strength” and “Back to Core” focus on just that. Your heart rate is lower and you’re working on the stuff that needs to be worked. There is a time and place for everything, the focus is spot on. With Upper Elite from Asylum2, my heart rate is so high, I can barely focus on strength training. The end result? I end up lifting lighter. Same thing with Back and 6 Pack. Where is the recovery?

3) Championship is not harder than Game Day. I still believe Game Day is the hardest workout ever Beachbody created. Add Overtime to it and you’re dead.

4) With Asylum 2, heart rate is high all the days, with Asylum 1, it’s Speed/Agility, Vert Plyo and Game Day + OT. Overall, you recover twice during the week, once with Back2Core (tough recovery though, like Yoga) and Relief.

5) Plyometrics: This is imp, esp for someone like me who is now 36, my joints were hurting a bit during the flying push ups. I wear an elbow support now and take joint support formula. The plyo in Asylum 1 are more controlled. With X Trainer, you could just fall flat.

Overall, both the programs are really really hard. I love them both. But I don’t think I would do Asylum 2 more than once in 6 months to cut up and to get the cardio strength up. Asylum 1 is more doable compared with Asylum 2. I’d do it once in 3-4 months to cut up and build cardio strength.

My advise is focus on lifting and yoga and you can have your heart rate high even with lifting. Utilize Asylum 1 and 2 to cut up during the time you feel you’ve added some body fat. Esp when you’re bulking, you could gain a lil bit of fat.

With Asylum2, I don’t feel I have enough recovery. Recovery helps with blood flow, muscle growth and focusing on building strength. If you’re not recovering, you’re overtraining. And that is detrimental to your goals. Always having a high heart does not mean you’re working out. Focus on the workout that has a purpose. You can’t have a high heart rate while doing Yoga and you can’t be having a low heart rate while doing Plyometrics.

Keep it simple and take care of all parts of the equation. Not just one part.

Bring it!

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