Some of you have asked me questions on which program is good for weight loss, muscle gain, getting lean etc. I think this question needs correction. The right question to ask is which eating plan will help me reach these goals.

Thing is, nutrition is focused towards a certain goal. The workout program you choose is based on what you would like to perform or what is your goal with the type of program you choose.

You could gain a lot of mass on P90X with a calorie surplus, you could lean out with Body Beast if nutr is dialed in accordingly. A P90X grad and a Body Beast grad could “look” the same at the end of 90 days, but would “perform” differently. A P90X grad would be more agile, mobile at the end of 90 days and a Body Beast grad might be a big weak in that area. He/She may be stronger but both could still “look” the same.

Again, how you tailor your nutrition decides your “look”, how you tailor your program decides your “performance”.

Let’s take a few programs and see what they are designed for

P90X – Functional Fitness, covering all aspects of fitness.

P90X2 – Taking the functional fitness to a whole new level, focusing on core, balance, stability using the same P90X fundamentals.

Body Beast – Hypertrophy or muscle growth. Everything in this program is focused towards optimum testosterone production. Rest, Training, Eating, everything! This is a Body Building program.

Les Mills Pump – High reps, built for endurance. Cardio Lifting.

Les Mills Combat – Mixed Martial Arts program. Kick, Punch, Boom!

Insanity – Insane cardio strength. Prepping for a marathon? This is your go-to program.

Asylum Volume 1 and Volume 2 – The next level of Insanity. Anyone prepping for a Tough Mudder or a Sports Competition, this 30 day program gets you to that insane level of endurance, stamina. Involves 1-2 days of weight training. Volume 2 is much more harder than Volume 1.

Hope this helps you decide a nutrition plan for yourself and a program to what they want to achieve physical performance-wise.

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