Please understand that the idea of this post is not to take away the importance of Steady State Cardio routines/training system. This post might be more geared towards heavy duty athletes. Disclaimer is done.

What is TABATA?tabata

Tabata was named after a Japanese scientist, Izumi Tabata, when his team compared the results of moderate intensity training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). They conducted a six week (5 day per week for moderate intensity and 4 day per week for HIIT) research on a group of athletes, and concluded that athletes who trained at HIIT/Tabata style training routine increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

What’s amazing is the Moderate Intensity routines were 5 days per week with 1 HOUR each day. The Tabata style routine was based off of a 4 day per week, but only 4 MINUTES per day. 4 MINUTES? Did I read it right? I think so. But those 4 minutes are not reading a book while walking on a treadmill. Nowadays, reading such Facebook statuses and wondering if the investment in the treadmill was worth it or not. Get off the treadmill if you’re reading this 😉

Anyways, long story short, training at HIIT style (or Tabata style routines) makes more sense from a training point of view. Moderate Intensity routines are walking, jogging, running, etc. HIIT Interval Training routines are Insanity, Asylum and with Insanity MAX30, the HIIT principles are going to shoot off the roof. Of course, I’m not saying steady state (or moderate intensity training) is not good. It has it’s own space but if you can (and if your doctor says OK) you should give HIIT/Tabata style training routines a shot. I’ve been reading about Tabata and people are saying honestly 4 minutes are enough. ShaunT is going to make us go for 30 min.
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