P90XP90X is by far the most complete and one of the hardest workouts ever that has come out on DVD. When I say complete, that means it targets all areas of fitness without advocating one over the other, instead, it emphasizes the importance of having each aspect as part of any fitness routine.

Nutrition Guide

“The Nutrition Guide has three phases of Nutrition, each designed to give you the Maximum results possible in the next 90 Days.”

1) Fat Shredder Plan – This Phase builds upon a 50/30/20 (protein/carb/fat) ratio to shred the fat and still maintain muscle mass. This phase really gets you started. Although, some folks might take time to adjust the ratios, this is designed to shred the body at a rapid pace! I highly recommend choosing your carbs wisely for this phase. Carbs that are high in fiber, for instance, chick peas, kidney beans, lentils, etc.

2) Maintenance Plan – This Phase includes some extra carbs and takes the ratios to 40/40/20 plan. Once you enter this Phase, you will be able to push your workouts harder and begin to some muscle gains. This is a balanced diet and most often people are within this range to maintain their results.

3) Endurance Maximizer – Here, you will eat like an athlete! This Phase is based off of a …… 60/20/20 plan! You will be eating a TON of carbs! I highly recommend you earn this phase, because if you’re not really pushing yourself, you are maximizing your efforts.

“Needless to say, all the carbs you choose have to be complex carbs and absolutely no to Junk Food!”


“Just like the Nutrition Guide, the workouts are designed in 3 Phases to get you the maximum results in 90 days. Each phase goes hand-in-hand with the phase of the Nutritional plan. Although, some folks have extended the Fat Shredder Plan for 6 weeks at a time, I do not recommend staying on a high protein diet for more than 6 weeks”

There are a Total of 12 DVDs and each Phase is 3 weeks long followed by a recovery week. The last phase, however, is 4 weeks long.

As always, here are the Pros and Cons of the P90X program


  • Designed to get you results in 90 days that take people over a year in the gym
  • Saves you gym membership and expensive dietician
  • Gets you a Coach for FREE who helps you with your fitness journey and answers any questions you may have
  • You will absolutely get Ripped!
  • Improve Strength, and overall Fitness
  • Perfect for any age group, there are a lot of modifications from beginner level to advanced and insane levels!
  • Based on the concept of Muscle Confusion, or Variety, that’s how you see gains!
  • You won’t be on a diet with this program, you will learn to eat right and fuel your body with high quality nutrition.
  • Yoga will help you recover (although it is INTENSE) from the lifting and jumping to get you long lean muscles.
  • You can bulk up or tone your body by adding weights or using high reps. A very flexible program indeed!
  • Option for doing Classic, Lean or Doubles, I recommend Classic though.


  • 6 Day program. But hey! If you want results, you’ve got to BRING IT!
  • YogaX is 1.5 hours long, it could have been 1 hour with the balance poses distributed throughout the program as warmup/cool-down or a recovery stretch. Not necessarily a con, it depends how you look at it.
  • KenpoX is the weakest link in the program. It is not intense at all. If you want to make it intense, add some wrist/ankle weights and you’ll turn up the volume!

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Are you ready to BRING IT!!

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