Insanity_Asylum_onwhite-lowresYou started Insanity, thinking DVD based videos are supposed to be easy. Insanity proved you wrong. And you start believing there is no other workout that could be harder than Insanity, right? Well, Asylum is here to prove you wrong again.

Insanity Asylum is a 30 day program (what does that tell you?), 7 days a week, very little rest as far as days and/or workouts are concerned and it goes from one workout to another real quick. There is use of Jump Rope, Stretch Bands and the Agility Ladder (included with the DVDs), and the workouts are now more sports focused. Insanity was all about Cardio Conditioning; the Asylum is all about using those skills and going the extra mile. What do sports men/women really need? We need Strength, Speed and Agility, Jump Training, Core Strength and how we can apply these skills for a Game Day. And in case, there is a tie on the Game Day, Overtime to break the tie.

Well, guess what, the workout DVDs are just that!

1)     Speed and Agility – Moves you’ve never seen before, be sure to have a bucket nearby, these drills are a killer. Not only is stamina required, but also, skill. You have to land inside the ladder, which is all about having that mental precision. Those Bear Crawls are definitely going to be challenging.

2)     Strength – While Insanity lacked Resistance Training, Asylum does have that. This workout is something I’ve never seen before! The rock climbers in the pull up position are a beast! I could barely do 10 seconds (compare that with Shaun T, he does it for 120 seconds!!) and I have already done P90X twice, the second round being a hybrid.

3)     Vertical Plyo – If you’re thinking Plyometrics from P90X was hard, try the Vertical Plyo. This workout is Insane! There is no way you’re getting a break and the “Active Rest” which should give you breaks in between is a killer! You’ll be jumping from one side to another, push-ups, squats, and much much more! There are times when you’re jumping only on one leg, INSANE!


4)     Back to Core – This is about strengthening your core, only the back area. Shaun T says at the beginning of the Video “Everyone focuses on the front, we focus on the back” “Every Athlete must have a strong back”. This is a very different routine, creative to be specific. I don’t know how they’ve come up with these moves, but some moves are really rough. This workout, however, is not as hard as all other workouts. If you notice from my hybrid, I use this during my recovery week now. So, it’s hard, but since it’s core-focused, it’s a great recovery workout.

5)     Game Day – This workout comes up only twice during the 30 day program, this is going to rock your world. All the moves you learn with all other DVDs in this program are now applied as if you’re appearing for a competition. Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Surfing, Rock Climbing and much much more! This is the hardest day in the series!


6)     Overtime – This is a 10 minute routine to see if you have it in you to survive Game Day. In the real world, this could be used as a tie-breaker.

7)     Relief – Chill out, this is Relief, this is a Rest Day.


Asylum picks up where Insanity left off. It is a very challenging routine. There are hardly any breaks and the warm-ups are very hard.


As always, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons


1)     All the workouts (except Game Day) are approx. of 45 minutes duration.
2)     Just like Insanity, this is a quick Cardio Based Routine, where your heart rate will be shooting off the roof.
3)     The Strength Training is a big plus!
4)     Excellent for Sports preparation and develop all areas to win a Sports competition.
5)     Get you from Lean to Ripped.
6)     No Dairy for 30 days, that’s how you get that super-ripped look. Remember, Shakeology has the prebiotics and probiotics, so you’re covered on that front.


1)     You won’t gain a lot of muscle with this program.
2)     The Nutrition Plan is not that great. There are just some recipes that are going to be difficult to follow. I calculated everything and realized that this routine was based off of a 40/30/30 (Carb/Pro/Fat) Ratio.
3)     Knee Issues? Skip this program.
4)     Not for someone starting out new.

So, who is the Asylum for?

1)     Insane folks who’ve graduated from Insanity or any other challenging routine such as P90X or TurboFire.
2)     Folks who want to go from Insane to Elite.
3)     Prepare for Sports Day or Tough Mudder or a Sports Competition.
4)     Want to go from Lean to Ripped.

Are you ready to go from Insane to Elite? Buy Asylum


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