Something I gathered from this CrossFit blog. Diff between “Exercise” and “Training”

Exercise and Training both comprise of what we call “workouts”. A workout involves the process of moving the body in order to accomplish a certain movement. That movement results in strengthening TvsEyour body and changing the body shape, losing fat, etc. But how is Exercise different from Training?

Exercise: This is an act of movement to accomplish a certain goal. For instance, a certain number of push ups, pull ups, crunches, etc. You workout for that particular day. On that day, you achieve a certain number of reps and the goal/focus is losing fat, gaining muscle, etc. without any performance oriented goal in mind. Exercise is for that day and is a short term goal. You workout and you move on.

Workouts such as P90X, T25, INSANITY are exercises. They prep you for training.

Training: This is also an act of movement, and the goal is to perform. While focusing on performance, your body changes, there is muscle growth, there is fat loss and while looking a certain way is part of the process, it sorta becomes a default parameter. You’re looking beyond a six pack. I’ve said this before and I say it again, having a good physique is important, reaching your physical goals is important, and looking good is important 😉  But with training, while you’re looking good, you’re also performing.

Workouts such as P90X2 (esp the Post Activation Potentiation Phase), ASYLUM 1/2, BODY BEAST are Training routines.

Your physique changes regardless of the program you pick. Your nutrition is a huge component of how the physique transforms. The workout you choose focuses on performance.

For instance, with P90X2, you’re not just doing rows, your doing rows on a medicine ball, that improves your core strength. This strength and balance is utilized in Phase 3 and you’re prepped for a Sports Competition. P90X preps you for P90X2.

Long story short, Exercise preps you for Training, Training preps you to perform in the real world, outside of your gym. Whether its basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Cricket, whatever. Training is done with a certain goal in mind. Exercise is done for that day. Shooting for goal of having a good physique should be a default goal regardless.

I’m not sure how P90X3 will fall, will have to see the program and check it out.

Hope this helps you all.

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