Short Review and thoughts on Vanilla Shakeology

2 years back, I saw a video on how there would never be a Vanilla Shakeology. And BB released the Strawberry formula that too Vegan. There were mixed reactions to it. Like any other product, people were happy with Chocolate. Then they changed the Chocolate Flavor. Mixed reactions again. The Chocolate flavor was revised once again, mixed reactions again. Somewhere along the line, Beachbody made mistakes all in good faith to improvise the formula, to make it better. Perhaps they changed suppliers, maybe the cost for SuperFoods increased, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, their intention was to add more SuperFoods and keep costs the same.

Now, comes Vanilla Shakeology. What is different about it? First, all the mistakes that were made earlier are not made here. They came up with a regular flavor instead Vegan. Why? Because Vegan has Brown Rice Protein, which is chalky and adding a new flavor with chalkiness creates a lot of mixed reaction. We saw that with Tropical. Plus Vegan is more expensive. Also, regular line needs more flavors.

First off, the taste is just perfect! There are going to be no mixed reactions about this one. It tastes just like how Vanilla should be. I don’t think I have to talk about the source. It’s pure Vanilla Beans, so we wont go there.

It’s not Vegan, so not chalky at all. After Chocolate Shakeology, Beachbody nailed this one. They got it right big time. It’s lower in calories too (130 calories per serving), probably the lowest in all flavors. The best thing about Vanilla is they kept it simple. Very basic Vanilla flavor and focused on getting Vanilla from a good source. That’s the key. Its slightly bitter in good old fashioned Vanilla style and it’s very addicting. I have samples, that I’ve started finishing up . Been taking twice these days LOL. It’s addictive and a simple recipe with a Banana, Milk and Peanut Butter tastes amazing.

After Chocolate, this is easily my favorite.

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