The new line of performance supplements has released and I wanted to go over the ingredients and provide my review. I’m not going to review them based on their taste, just pure ingredients list. Supplements are not designed to give you good taste. If you get that, that’s an added bonus. 

Energize (Pre-Workout)

EnergizeCost: $49.95 for 40 servings (Click to Purchase)

The source for energy is quite clean. No artificial sweeteners, no fancy stuff, amino acid and caffeine from green tea simple. Nothing extra-ordinary but for the cost, sure it makes sense

My Recommendation/Alternative:
Use only when needed. Don’t make this a habit. 




HydrateHydrate (intra workout or during workout)

Cost: $34.95 for 40 servings (Click to Purchase)

This is to provide adequate hydration during your workouts. It’s got 40 calories and mostly from sugars (Dextrose). Dextrose has a high Glycemic Index and that’s what you’d need during/post-workout. 

My recommendation/Alternative:
Drink coconut water instead. The Glycemic Index might not be as high as the supplement, but the natural electrolytes keep you hydrated much better than supplements. 


Cost: $69.95 for 20 servings (Click to Purchase)

This is a protein blend for post workout with BCAAs and Glutamine. 

My Recommendation/Alternative:
You could have non rBGH Whey with Spinach post workout (Spinach is a natural source of glutamine). But if you’d like to take extra BCAAs, then the cost will add up. Be the best judge on which would save you some cost, but compare fair. Make sure you pick something that does not have artificial sweeteners or junky chemicals to lower the cost. In that case, this might be a better alternative. 


Cost: $69.95 for 20 servings (Click to Purchase)

Again the cost is very high for casein protein. If you were to have organic non fat Greek yogurt instead, you would get the same protein profile plus yogurt is a natural source of casein protein that takes longer to digest than regular whey protein. You won’t get the BCAAs, but that’s up to you. If you’re someone who takes BCAAs, then this might be something you could consider. 

My Recommendation/Alternative:
Non Fat unsweetened organic Greek yogurt with 3-5 cashews before bedtime.

Keep it simple, keep it real. Use the money for Shakeology since that is a great blend of ingredients that is hard to find.

Not saying these supplements are bad, I’m sure they’ve been researched well and I’m sure they’re quite good. But are they worth the money you would spend? Probably not. Plus real foods are real foods.

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