I am very proud of my sister Manisha and excited to feature her on my website who has lost 63 lbs with Focus T25 by ShaunT. Without getting too verbose, here’s a list of questions Manisha has answered. Take a look.

Q) Which workout program did you follow?
Manisha: Focus T25
Alpha Phase, 3 rounds
Beta Phase, 2 rounds

Q) How’s Focus T25 as a program?
Manisha: It’s short, focused and productive. No-nonsense, no waste of time, 25 minutes get it done.

Q) How did you find time for your workouts? Did you do the Gamma Phase?
Manisha: Going to the gym was more time consuming. As a new parent, I could neither leave my little one home to go to the gym neither I had that kind of time. So Focus T25 was great! Baby went for a nap and I could workout. I haven’t done the Gamma Phase yet, but I definitely want to.

Q) Tell us more about you so our readers can understand better.
Manisha: Honestly, I was never ever this overweight. I gained all this weight post-pregnancy. Needless to say, my child is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I do believe it was my post-partum depression, feelings of loneliness that created havoc with my eating habits. My emotional eating habits included eating simple carbs for instant satisfaction and I looked to food to make me feel better. It has not been an easy ride, but as they say – Health is Wealth, I realize the value of it even more now after having a child. 

Q) How much weight did you lose?
Manisha: I’ve gone from 217 lbs to 154 lbs, total weight lost = 63 lbs

Q) Did you take Shakeology? How did that help you?
Manisha: I had huge sugar cravings and horrible meal timings. Shakeology helped me with the sugar cravings and helped me sleep better. It also helped me reduce cravings with tea/coffee. It helped me with having consistent energy throughout the day. I’ve been taking Shakeology for about 1 year now, and it has been a great help having a solution in one shake that helps with creating long-term better eating habits.

Thank you Manisha for letting me post your story. I’m sure this is going to encourage and inspire a lot of people out there. Take care and GOD Bless!

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