I’ve known Matt and Jessie through Challenge Groups. Jessie was part of the Asylum Volume 1 Challenge Group we did in May 2011. I was introduced to Matt in the Vegan group and at a certain point, we decided to hold each other accountable with our Challenge Groups and keep our health, fitness and Coaching regularly. They both are Beachbody Coaches now.

We shared tips, ideas and methods on how to manage all these things effectively. I did know he had matt1lost a lot of weight and I saw his before and after pictures and was really blown away! I requested them both to send me their transformation stories and that it would be an honor for me dedicate a post to them. 

They both have come a really long way! Also, here’s a picture of Matt with ShaunT, creator of Insanity/Asylum workouts!

Read his story in his own words, this is truly inspiring. Way to go Matt and Jessie!

PS: They have a blog now, here’s the link =>

“My life changed when I came home to my wife, crying like a baby. I was so depressed, and every aspect of my life was out of control. After seeing a doctor, he put me on anti depressants. Nice little band aid until I realized that wasn’t filling the void in my life.

Before long I found myself kissing 260lbs, on anti depressants, on cholesterol meds, and an unemployed type 1 diabetic.

Enough was enough. I went back to the same doctor the prescribed me the anti depressants and I asked how to lose weight, with one condition. No more meds! I was tired of using meds as a band aid for what some consider “health.” He recommended the South Beach diet. This was so critical, because it was my first introduction to nutrition. After a couple months of changing the way I ate, I was down 15lbs, and feeling better. Both my general care doctor, and endocrinologist were pleased with the path I was taking.

Around this time I was also seeing the ads for P90X. It was so intimidating to even watch. I found myself getting butterflies every time the infomercial aired. “I want that,” I’d say to myself as if it was model ship prize at a Tupperware party. Then I got it!

The first workout sucked! The thing I kept in mind was that I did my best, and that’s all Tony asked. I reminded myself that if I can do day one, I can do day 2. HA HA. That was plyometrics. For a fatty, plyometrics is the devil. I had a new confidence about myself after day one, and I did it. Sort of. I did a little over half before I felt like I was going to die.

This was a new goal for me, to get through plyo. Each week got easier and easier, and I knew my body was changing. Each completed workout from this elite program was giving me the confidence that I can (if not now, then one day) keep up and be like them.

As my first round of P90X came to an end, and that last punch was thrown in Kenpo, I laid on the floor, with tears melding with sweat on the floor, I knew I had just completed the biggest challenge I had ever faced. I wanted more.

My wife and I continued on to complete two more rounds of P90X, Insanity, Asylum, P90X/Insanity Hybrid, and now we are on P90X-2. Over the past couple years of Beachbody workouts combined with a daily Shakeology, at 32 years old, I AM in the best shape of my life!

My transformation has taken dedication, and a belief that I can achieve the results I want. Now, being 80lbs lighter and full of energy, I know have the strength and confidence to accept the challenges life has to offer. I’m stronger than ever before. Some days are easier than others, but still I continue the good fight, and encourage others to do the same. I know there is a wonderful life to live, for me, and for everyone.

This is what is written on my beachbody profile. To be honest, what it came down to was the I realized that I was on a road to death. One thing I didn’t state was I was a smoker for 12 years, and drank A LOT. I quit smoking cold turkey Jan 14th 2010, and haven’t had a drag since.

Another thing I realized through all this was that I made vows to my wife, and in the condition I was in, I was not staying true to those vows. I was not the best husband I could be. Through everything she continued to keep true to her vows and love me unconditionally. To this day, she is my motivation, my rock, my purpose. If it was not for her support I would not be living the life I am now.

Here are some pics. Hope you can tell what is before and what is after. If not I’ll call Beachbody and get my money back.”



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