SO Vegan

Check out the picture for the latest Tropical Shakeology that is going to release on the 14th of Feb, 2012. This has been a long time coming. Part of the reason why this has taken such a long time is because this is going to be the best Whole Food meal available in the market. And a good quality product has to go through a lot of testing, research before it is released.

Couple of reasons that make this formula top of the line:

– It will be a VEGAN formula. The Whey Protein has been replaced with Fermented Sprouted Brown Rice Protein. This protein has the highest bioavailability of any protein. I’ve used the SunWarrior brand and this really makes it a great source of protein unlike some other supplements in the market that rely on Soy Protein Isolate.

– With quality, comes the cost factor. Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is expensive, so price on this version increases from the current $4.00 per day to $4.30 per day.

– Shakeology Tropical will be called ‘Tropical Strawberry’.

– Beachbody has allocated this product in their “Ultimate Line”. This is going to be the first product of this level. This line will be reserved for the bestest. (Wrong English there, but you get the idea )

– Needless to say, the VEGAN formula is far superior to the current Greenberry and Chocolate.

– It seems a Chocolate VEGAN Flavor is being talked about.

– The VEGAN formula will be available on Home Direct and for one-time purchase  Februrary 14, 2012!