Yep, you heard that right! It won’t! Not today. Just like having a junk slice of pizza won’t make you gain weight, not today! But over a period of time……

“My post is going to focus on the cumulative (or compounded) effect of habit, attitude and behavior”

You all know if there is one food I recommend starting your day with (or snacking on) is Shakeology. Many people start purchasing Shakeology with hopes that they will lose weight like magic. While Shakeology is a great nutritional supplement, and a great food to baseline your day with, remember, the other areas of your nutrition plan have got to be clean. You can’t expect to eat a pizza and cancel the effect out with Shakeology. That is not the right attitude! You still need to eat clean, and make it a lifestyle.

If you’re reading this post, perhaps, you’re at a point in your life, where you are looking ways to change your eating habits and looking for a sustainable lifestyle change. Shakeology alone cannot do that. It is a part of the equation, a very important part nonetheless, but it’s still a part. It’s not the equation itself.

Shakeology is food. You don’t need to take it only when you’re working out. This is for everyone to start transitioning into a good healthy eating lifestyle. Part of the reason why people often fail at eating right is because of taste and cravings. Because Shakeology tastes like dessert and it is nutritionally so dense, that taste and cravings are taken care of, the transition is smooth and people realize the importance of having Shakeology in their routines. People start to realize that healthy can be tasty too!

The effects of Shakeology are over a period of time. Someone who hasn’t had a shower in years will start believing having a bath is expensive. That person might also believe not having a shower is normal, and that is the way of life. But that exact same person will feel fresh, rejuvenated after having a shower. The analogy might sound a bit strange, but food is a basic requirement for anyone. Once you start taking Shakeology regularly in your diet, you will see that the synergy of SuperFoods will give you tremendous energy over a period of time. It’s a cumulative effect, integrated over a period of time. And to be honest, any product that talks about overnight changes, will most likely be filled with chemicals, stimulants, etc. Shakeology does not stimulate, it adapts. It creates a balance, a harmony in your system and that happens over a period of time. Some friends I’ve recommended this to reported energy gains within a week, some took about a month. It depends on how clean your eating pattern has been. The idea of Shakeology is to create a balance, and if you’re someone who is already eating clean, chances are you may feel very little difference, but for someone moving from junk plan to eating right suddenly will feel a huge energy increase.

Will Shakeology help you lose weight in the end? Yes, over a period of time, it will, by creating harmony and balance, but not like a magic pill that many companies suggest. 


Part of the reason people don’t try it Shakeology is that it’s expensive. To each their own, but I have found out that by making an investment with Shakeology, I was able to cut down my expenses outside and reduce my cravings; at the end of the day, I saved quite a bit.


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