Organic Protein Bar

I’ve been looking into protein bars without the use of artificial sweeteners and some organic ingredients that also come close to the Quest Bar cost-wise.

I thought of checking out the Organic Food Bar, because I liked the profile. It’s not a Quest Bar replacement, but it has its pros.

Cost: Approx $2 per bar
Total Calories: 330
Fat: 9 g (comes from Almonds, nuts, etc)
Carb: 33g (18 g sugar profile from fruits, no added sugars + about 8g Fiber)
Protein: 22g (From Brown Rice Protein)

This bar has no added Whey and has 22g of high quality bioavailable protein. That is def a huge plus for anyone who is Vegan. Fat is relatively lower than Rise bars. With 18g sugar, this could be the only fruit you consume for the day if you’re on a fat shredder plan. But if you’re someone doing Body Beast, this could be a great snack. It depends where you are in your program/plan, but knowing that the profile counts for helps you understand where to fit this in.

Overall Rating: 4/5
I’ve taken 1 rating out because for $2 more (or $1 more for Coaches) you could get Shakeology which is much more nutritious and a better calorie profile for your nutritional needs. But sometimes a bar is easy to carry, which is why 4/5 seems like a fair rating.

Here’s the link on Amazon

PS: I don’t get any kickback on writing a review for Organic Protein Bar. I just liked it and reviewed it.

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