shakeThis has been a long time coming! I’ve reviewed most workout programs, some protein bars, adjustable dumbbells, push up stands, but I realized I’ve never done an all out review of the best supplement/shake, nutrient-dense food == Shakeology.

First off, this is not a sales pitch. In fact, nothing on my website is salesy, just honest reviews, experience and my journey captured under one single domain.

What is Shakeology?

We might be better off starting with what Shakeology is not. Shakeology is NOT a meal replacement! It’s not a way to fool you into replacing a meal with this Shake and lose weight. You could honestly do that with Chocolate milk, although that’s not a healthy way of doing things. A long term healthy approach is to fuel your body with high quality nutrients.

Shakeology is just that. It’s a low calorie, nutrient dense food, made with the highest quality SuperFoods from all over the world and no artificial sweeteners or fillers. Many other “Meal Replacement” shakes in the market are filled with fillers, artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, corn syrup, etc. Restricting calories is an unhealthy way of losing weight; it’s not a plan, it’s bad approach. Like I said, you could restrict calories with Chocolate Milk and still lose weight, but you won’t be healthy.

Shakeology is one of the best nutrient dense foods you can find in the market and for those who know me well, you all know I really put my heart into the research. I use this as part of my breakfast (not a replacement) or in between meals with Almond Milk.

Always, think of a long term strategy. You can go on a diet plan, lose weight and gain everything back once you’re off the plan OR you can continue to stay on that plan and deal with the many side effects that follow. Restricting calories, high protein, low carb, low fat, all these diet plans are just that “Diet Plans”, not a healthy approach to a healthy lifestyle. The keyword is “Balance”.

Check out this very informative video on what Shakeology is and to learn more. Also, click here to visit the Shakeology Corner for many more write-ups on Shakeology