I’ve met so many people ever since I started personally training and I found one thing in common. Aka pattern. People aren’t happy staying on a diet. It mentally breaks them down. And rightly so, after all food is extremely critical not just a simple macro in macro out equation but a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and mental happiness.

It’s important to enjoy the foods you’re eating. We label something we don’t like as “staying on a diet” because you’re craving for something else while not satisfying your cravings and eventually give up.

So I have an idea for you. Instead of giving up the foods you like, fit them into your macros based on your goals and change the ratios of the foods you’re consuming. That way you have best of both the worlds.

Again, this is not an option for junk foods. Learning to cook is a valuable skill set so use that for your daily macros and enjoy the foods Mother Nature made for us. When you super science the shit out of something it gets complicated, frustrating and takes the happy element out of the whole process.

Love and Gratitude,