When I started my P90X journey, I did not know what Shakeology was. 6 weeks out and I wanted to find folks who were doing P90X, so I could connect with them, talk to them, get some workout, motivation and nutrition tips, especially from folks who have completed at least one round. And I found a Coach, just like you have found me. My Coach introduced me to Shakeology and a few other workout programs such as Insanity and P90X One on One’s. However, he advised me to complete one round of P90X without any substitutions to keep moving forward. He also talked to me about Shakeology. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, after being introduced to Shakeology, I was quite skeptical about the Shake, with it being close to $4/day, I wasn’t sure if it would make economic sense. But I went ahead and ordered a 30 day supply, because Beachbody has a 30 day money back guarantee, I saw no harm in giving it a shot.

Even before I ordered Shakeology, I thought of it as a regular, overly priced Protein Shake. The cost was a big factor for me to continue with the product or not.

The shipment arrived and it came along with a recipe card. I mixed it with skim milk, peanut butter, a banana and it tasted really good. But again, was this worth the money? I could probably go and buy a Chocolate Flavored Whey Protein and get the same taste. But, was this about the taste or was this the way to good health? My focus was to supplement with the best quality product there is available.

I used to be regular with Robek’s spending $2 each morning for a 1oz Wheatgrass shot. When I saw the ingredient list, Wheat Grass was a part of the ingredients plus there were 69 more ingredients! I started researching each ingredient and realized this was not just a protein shake, protein is a by-product of the high nutrient rich foods, it’s a SuperFood shake!

I also used to spend money at Robek’s sometimes buying a smoothie. A smoothie will cost you somewhere in the range of $3 – $5 and most of the time it is loaded with simple sugars, whereas the sugars in Shakeology come from fruits and no artificial sweeteners. You have to pay extra to get Wheat Grass, Decaf Green Tea and Protein. Shakeology already has that covered. No other supplement (or food) comes close to Shakeology. I have had friends who’ve reported changes in their energy levels within 1 week to 10 days.

Check this video to see how much food you would have to eat to get the same level of nutrition as compared with a scoop of Shakeology.


Ever since, I’ve started Shakeology, I’ve started saving money. First, because of the healthy lifestyle P90X nutrition guide recommends, I take food from home. So, I don’t eat outside on a regular basis. Eating outside is costly, not just for your pocket, but also your overall health. If Starbucks has no hesitation selling unhealthy Mocha for over $4, I don’t think people should be complaining about Shakeology as being expensive. Do you really have to spend more money? Nope, not if you reallocate your money wisely and think of Shakeology as an investment towards your good health.

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Shakeology gives me the satisfaction and full feeling for a long time. The health benefits outweigh the cost and this is the one supplement that I regularly take.

If you’d like to try it out, go ahead and order a 30 day supply. The product is backed by a 30 day bottom-of-the-bag guarantee, where you can ask for a full refund even if you’ve used the product completely and are not satisfied.