With so much mumbo-jumbo and high sounding jargons out there, I thought the best way to “Keep It Simple” would be make a funny read. If it’s not so funny for you, join a laughter club. I hear they have intelligent reasons to laugh throughout the day. 😀

It’s a myth that you have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy.
But you do have to get creative in terms of food preparation.IMG_0308

It’s a myth you can’t eat carbs at night
But you do have to make the right choices and have the right kind of activity level

It’s a myth that certain kind of food is bad/ good for you
But you have to practice moderation

It’s a myth that there is no time.
But you do have to stop reading my mindless status updates and you’ll have time

It’s a myth that healthy food is expensive.
But you would have to reallocate your wisely saved McDonalds money and spend for vegetables instead.

It’s a myth that you have to be serious to get work done.
But you do have to be sincere.

It’s a myth that this is a poem.
But if you go back and read in a rhythm it’ll turn out to be one.

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