Why Counting Calories is a BAD idea. And why it can ccbe GOOD when you start your fitness journey

The title of this blog itself is contradictory, right? Not really. The title is separated in time, not space. What do I mean with that? Read on..

Don’t get me wrong. I use MyfitnessPal too to track my calories/macros/ratios/percentages, etc. But what really happens when you’ve been disciplined for a long time?

Let’s start from the start.

Let’s say, today is day 1 of your fitness journey. You start with a workout program. Everything in your mind needs that perfection. You’re not going to start being from a junk eater to a clean eater on Day 1. Just like you won’t be able to perform all the workouts. At this point in time, you would not like to have to do and spend time doing research about how many calories you’re supposed to consume, what you’re supposed to eat, when you’re supposed to eat, etc. You, therefore, need a system in place. And if you have one of the Beachbody Programs, you know there is a system and a process to follow and track your macros/calories, etc. from a third party app or perhaps use the old age logic of writing everything down. It’s tedious, very confusing and won’t last long. What I recommend during the beginning of your journey is to avoid 3 foods: White Sugar, White Rice and White Flour. Let’s eliminate these three things from your diet. This is above and beyond the junk food outside and the sodas, capiche? Start setting ratios up and track your food and calories everyday! GOOD IDEA! Makes life easier and everything trackable. In the beginning, you will have junk cravings, but when you track food, you know you’re accountable and the probability of cheating will be less. GOOD IDEA? You bet!

Let’s say you’ve hit your goal. Whether it’s performance, whether it’s where you always wanted your fitness level to be or whether it is simple the way you always wanted to look like. You now know what works for you. Your metabolism has improved. You no more have junk food cravings and your taste buds have adjusted. Here’s where the problem begins with most people I know. They like to label the food party they belong to. Paleo? Vegan? Vegetarian? Non-Vegetarian? Pescitarian? Whatever! At this point, you’re binding yourself within a group of foods. What that will end up doing is make you obsessive. Obsessive with foods. Tracking at this point will not be the best idea, why? Because clearly you would like to have Metabolism Confusion in your system at this point. The more the Metabolism Confusion, the more your progress will be in your fitness level. Tracking calories, while you may need more, BAD IDEA. Eat what your body demands. We saw Shripati Avasthi’s meal plan. It’s loaded on carbs. Yet, we see a ripped body. What does that tell you? He’s listening to his body and eating as the body requires. Great Job Sripathi!

When people talk about Cheat days, it doesn’t mean junk food, it just means you could indulge in a high carb, clean meal plan to get the leptin levels high. Low carb diets for a long time, bring these levels down. By having one cheat meal per week after you’ve hit your goals (and Cheat Meals = High carb Clean meals), would be in fact beneficial. By tracking and limiting yourself to a calorie level, while your body might be performing at optimum level, you may be hurting yourself and limiting your metabolism from performing at it’s level best.

Now, you see why the contradictory statement is in fact, at two different time zones. How I justify myself 😉

Keep pushing play!

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