Taken 3 Movie Review

Review has no spoilers, because the movie doesn’t. 😉

Yeah, my dear pseudo-intellectuals, I watch Hollywood cinema too. Apart from French, German, Spanish and Indian flicks, Hollywood is on the list too. Do I appear intelligent now? *Beep* Sarcasm. Hain saala, Englissss Bolta hai, hain!

Anyways, moving on.

Taken 3 is directed by the untalented Mr. Megaton (it sounded like Particle Physics, of course, take away the intelligent factor from it). As the name suggests, it’s the third installment of the movie Taken that came out about 6 years back and was an instant hit, because Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills in the movie, that makes the audience wanting more. In the acting department, the guy has particular skills no one has. Tall structure, calm and strong voice, and a man who looks like he means no harm but will not think twice to come at you if needed. 

Movie starts off with a Russian gang talking in English with a Russian accent asking for their money. Everyone has numerous tattoos for ease of recognition, because honestly, you won’t remember their faces due to lack of acting skills. They don’t think twice before killing anyone, just to leave a message. Message saying they need to be “Taken” (yes, pun intended) seriously. Used to be a song from the 90s, Taken Seriously. And then the movie shows how the innocent Mr. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) with extra set of “particular” skills, is charged with his ex-wife’s murder. How he comes out of the situation is what the movie is all about.

Action scenes are terribly shot! A very amateurish style of execution and the editing is heavily inspired by Mr. Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum) for the shaky cam effect and Mr. Tony Scott (Spy Game, the aerial view and Man on Fire for slick cuts and editing). In fact the action scenes make it look like shot on a regular homemade video and then edited on iMovie for special effects. That’s what I do for my YouTube channel. My name is Vivek, and I’m not a filmmaker 😉

The protagonist can fall off a cliff, off the elevator, blasts vehicles and nothing ever happens to him. Not only that, he’s also never accused of any other crime except the killing of his ex-wife. He took down LA for God’s sake! I would want this kind of man behind bars for entirely ruining a city and putting so many lives in danger. The last action scene, with the Russian leader fighting in his underwear looked like a scene sponsored by Calvin Klein. Zero thrill, in fact, outright funny. Shaky cam can give a very good effect for movies, but once it’s overly done, it takes away the thrill and adds immaturity to the scenes. That’s what has happened here. Due to lack of a good script, the entire movie has not one single stable shot. Either the camera is moving from left to right, zooming in, or there’s an aerial view. The background score was heavily boring, it absolutely did not go in-line with the thrill that the audience is supposed to experience.

Movie was an absolute waste of time and money, and I honestly felt the original Taken that came out in 2008 was a much better fare. Liam Neeson is the only saving grace in the entire movie. The guy has personality, no doubt about that. Hats off to him for carrying this movie, because honestly, every other person in the entire movie was dull and boring.

It’s ironic how they kept saying to each other in the movie, that you’re predictable. I felt the script was predictable. Watch “Ek Tha Tiger” or “Spy Game” or “Bourne Ultimatum” or “Man on Fire” for a much better thrilling experience. I recently saw “The Equalizer” and it was quite a gripping experience. Watching Bollywood will give you more acting per square feet area, since the movie is 3 hours long. So you can have more value for money. That was a joke btw, in case you didn’t get it.

Or just play Tekkin 3, a video game that came out in the 90s. Again, joke tha. Thoda haslo.  😆



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