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I couldn’t start writing my thoughts. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start. Writer’s block? haha. Blog likhne se koi writer nahi ban jata, itni sense hai mere mein. But anyways, I thought I have to start somewhere. The director duo refer to Facebook for some reason all the time in their movies, perhaps movies and Facebook are similar in many aspects. You see end results, not the process. A snapshot/a status update does not tell the story of a person before and after that moment. Much like a movie. And I have a question before starting to write. Why is the alphabet “i” in small whereas all the other alphabets are UPPER CASE. Are lot of iPhones used in the movie and this is a dig at the internet age where we practically live our lives on a Phone?

My previous review of “Happy New Year” showed me in a double role to bring across a point. It wasn’t actually a double role in the real sense, it was more of me speaking with myself. Pasting someone else’s picture would offend the person, so I took a dig at myself. Co-incidentally, in the movie “Happy Ending”, the lead character Yudi (Saif) is shown speaking with himself. In order for people to understand that he is talking with himself, metaphorically speaking they had to physically show another “Saif” so the conversation didn’t look awkward. If you understand the fact that the movie has a double from a personality point of view and not from a character point of view, perhaps you’re in a state of understanding the film.

It’s a story of a writer who lives in LA, California. He has written one book and is happy with the fame and money he has. He has plenty of girlfriends, but not in love with anyone. Nope, he’s not going to love anyone. He likes to argue that he has girlfriends because of his personality and not because of his fame/money. His best friend (Ranveer Shorey) disagrees. He also disagrees that Yudi is not as famous as he thinks he is. True friends, you bet. Then comes along Anchal (I forgot her real name), who is exactly like Yudi. Opposites attract NOT. Apparently, that theory is for magnets, according to Yudi. In real life, similar people attract. I honestly think that makes total sense.

He gets an opportunity to work with a single-screen ka wanna-be multiplex-ka-superstar, Govinda. He convinces Yudi to make a Ghisa Pita movie with first half “Meet the Parents”, second half “Meet the Fockers”. The word Fockers has been very carefully stated, ki censor ki problem bhi na aaye aur message bhi pahunch jaye. Samjhe? He convinces Yudi hard to make a movie based on a formula that works. His best dialogue? “300 Rupees mein logo ko jeena mat sikha”. Grounded. Very Grounded.

Ranveer Shorey’s character has a totally tangent story going on. His wife doesn’t have any friends and all she does is yell at him for everything. They didn’t show much but they showed how scared he is of his wife. Husband ka “Hus”na “Band” (That’s my line, btw).

So, story kya hai? Nothing much really. It’s the moments. Just like Yudi looks at each day without a start or an end, the movie is the same. It’s not really a story so to speak. When you integrate certain moments over the course of 2 hours or so, you get a movie. Is the ending Happy? They never really ended it. Just stopped showing the moments after 2 or so hours. The fixation is not on perception, it’s on reality. The perception that a wedding picture is a happy picture. “100 likes and 75 comments to milengey hi is photo ko”. The usage of VFX Technology/Photoshop in Bollywood nowadays, etc. giving a wrong perception of body image to the audience. The dichotomy is that while they talk about using formula based scripts for successful movies, they actually end up making different cinema. The paradox of everything including the title of the Movie, where the focus on not on a Happy Ending, but continuation. Philosophical but light-hearted. Serious, yet funny and humorous.

Yudi’s alter-ego is the one discussing formula based concepts with Yudi and Yudi keeps arguing with himself based on logic. It’s almost a fight between “What works and gets me Success” v/s “What I really want to do”. If you’re looking for a RomCom, this is it, but not the usual RomCom, you could call it Romedy. Again, get it?

This is my blog aur free mein mai bhi duniya ko movie dekhna nahi sikhane waala hoon. I know this review also be hard to understand, just like the movie. So, good luck!

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