First off, all the negative reviews you’ve been reading, ignore them. This is the first MMA based movie made in the Indian cinema. The folks writing those reviews don’t even know what MMA stands for.

Second, MMA in the story is a metaphor for how things between people becomes sour and relationships are broken just because they refuse to communicate with each other and let their ego be important than the relationship.

The fights are real, the fighters are real, the techniques are real, the training is real.

Brothers is the official remake of Warrior that came out in 2011 but the treatment is so much better from an emotional view point. Especially a few scenes during the fight where the elder brother has images of his younger brother from childhood and is now supposed to fight him in the ring. The fight could be anywhere, a court fight, a misunderstanding, a glitch in the relationship, anything. Logic is that while introducing MMA to a country that is obsessed with bat and ball type tuk tuk waale games, it’s important to have relationships depicted correctly. No one ever wins in a fight, no one ever comes out feeling good after a battle. But we still fight, right?

A very good movie indeed! Ignore the haters.

Give them a bat and ball and let them enjoy.

MMA (unlike Cricket) requires a different set of balls that money can’t buy.

For everything else….

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