BABY Movie Review – SARFAROSH of 2015

Movie starts off straight to the point. It looks like they started shooting the movie right after Special 26, Akshay (as Ajay) sports the exact same babymustache from the previous one. Heck they didn’t even change his name (or his outfit). Economic situations “Baby”! Cost cutting has penetrated Bollywood, I must say.

Anyways, so here’s a little synopsis and I won’t get into the story, but I will point out a few things. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, some might be spoilers for you. You have been warned.

Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the movie. I don’t want to ruin it for you. You should ruin it for yourself. LOL joking. 😆


The ATS team creates an organization, on a trial type basis to get over the bureaucracy and make things simple and efficient, something that was to be kept until 5 years, hence the name “Baby”. Baby as in Baby Steps waala Baby, not oo Baby I love your way.

People have been telling me that the climax is breath-taking, yes, from an excitement point of, I agree, but look at it from a strategic point of view, they depended on someone else’s decision to get them out of the situation. Nothing breath-taking about it. From an entertainment point of view, you won’t get bored, not one second. The pace is really good. But the execution from an espionage movie perspective is not tight or thrilling. The chase scene between Ajay and Jamaal and the escape scene of Bilal are very amateurish.

Three Exceptionally Outstanding Scenes

  • The initial opening scene where Jamaal tells the location of the explosion. Ajay calling his team and asking for Jamaal’s family at the exact same location for more information. It’ll make you cringe. Really cringe.
  • Ajay gets up from his seat, closes the door, slaps the not-so-gentleman (who derides people who serve the country and makes fun of their sacrifices), then opens the door again, sits and continues to have tea. Not one dialogue, and creates an awesome impact. I wanted to get off my seat and clap and whistle.  
  • The female agent fights like a tigress with the Chomu in the hotel and knocks him down. That scene was mind-blowing; the hand-to-hand raw combat is extremely well done. That scene depicts more than just a fight, its more philosophical if you notice since there is no gender bias. I totally loved that scene! Mind blowing! I wanted to again, jump off my seat and clap and whistle.

Like I said, the movie is fast paced, and you won’t get bored for a single moment. There is very sincere effort from all the actors and the script is bold and linear. Newer characters are introduced and a viewer has to be really quick in catching up with their purpose in the movie. But the element of vulnerability from the protagonist’s point of view was missing. The ending was a huge letdown for me personally, I was expecting some sort of twist/strategic exit, not the mercy of the investigating officer. An organization runs on strategy. That’s the only thing I felt was missing big time. The hand-to-hand combat in many other spy movies give a very real feeling, for instance, check out Bourne Ultimatum’s – Jason Bourne v/s Desh fight sequence. Bourne was so vulnerable in that fight scene, but comes out alive because he has strategy and fighting skills, even though Desh is better than him, not because all of a sudden someone else came in at the exact same time or someone else decided to protect him. That’s survival.

Great changes in the way movies are made, and making such a movie requires tremendous amount of bold effort from all involved. Definitely a must watch, will remind you a Sarfarosh at times due to the way the team works with clues and goes from one informant to another, but on an International level minus the emotional quotient. Sarfarosh was all about emotion and all the officers felt for each other. The emotional quotient also was missing to a large extent. But every movie is different and the effort is appreciated. Good watch!

PS: I am not a professional movie critic, I write for fun and what I feel about the movie. Yes, I am a movie buff LOL. That’s the only credential I have for writing my thoughts on a movie, and if you take it seriously, you’ve reached the wrong blog. 😀

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