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“Building Momentum!

As I write this I’m flying over the country to NYC for a two day P90X3 press tour. Fans and coaches are well aware that X3 hits the streets on Tuesday, but folks unfamiliar with BeachBody (weird right?) will be introduced to the X brand for the first time through this tour.

I will share with them that P90X3 is NOT harder than X or X2, but it’s still plenty intense. It had to be for it to work. X2 was a graduate program for P90X lovers and for some it woke up the beast within. X3 is NOT the next level after 2, it’s a program for anyone who wants P90X results in less time. X3 workouts are 30 minutes exactly.

There are a few reasons why we choose to shorten these workouts, but the one I’d like to point out here is that 30 minute exercise routines prevent more people from quitting what they started, and build momentum over time. Far too many people started X and X2 but never finished. The best of intentions are often confronted with reality.

For a lot of busy people, 55 minute plus workouts aren’t in the cards. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way of the world. One of my goals in creating X3 was to stop the on-again-off-again roller coaster ride and keep people on track for the duration of the program. 90 days of showing up, day after day, month after month.

For many of you these workouts are how you’ll build momentum, stay on track and learn what’s it’s like to live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the first time.”

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