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I joined a gym after 6 years for 2 months. I wanted a first-hand experience of the gym after doing in-home training programs since a long time. I had a couple of reasons for trying the gym out. First, I was feeling very lonely during that time and wanted to go out and perhaps meet folks who are into training and go for a change. Second was I wanted to do MFT28 in a proper gym setting using the equipment that is suggested as part of the routine.

So, let me list a few pros and cons from my experience of Training at the Gym v/s Training at home.

Gym Pros

  • Lots of equipment, variety.
  • Other facilities such as Steam, Sauna, Swimming Pool, Racquet Ball, Basketball Court, etc.
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
  • Feels good to be around people in general, if you’re a people person.

Gym Cons

  • No proper form or technique shown unless you pay a lot of money to personal trainers.
  • The travel time takes away productive work in the gym.
  • You forget one thing (such as locker, extra pair of clothes, etc.), your first reaction is “Oh Crap”.
  • Lots of before time prep for going to the gym. Pair of clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Waiting for your turn to use a particular equipment, weights, if it’s peak hour.
  • About $40 per month = $480 per year plus nutritionist plus personal trainer. It all adds up.
  • No return policy on gym membership.

At-Home Training Pros

  • No travel time.
  • No initial prep. If you forget something, just walk up to your kitchen or upstairs if you’re training in your garage.
  • No equipment wait time.
  • Space to keep a TV/DVD Player to follow a training program.
  • Can use your own music for workouts.
  • Gives you more family/friends time.
  • For recovery type routines like Yoga, Pilates, etc., you can be around your children (of course, observe caution while doing anything in front of kids).
  • One time investment in a proper training routine such as P90X, Insanity, etc. $120 one-time cost. Unless you purchase more programs. It’s still much more cost-effective than the gym.
  • Return Policy on the Training Programs (at least the ones I’ve purchased through Beachbody).

At-Home Training Cons

  • Not having all the equipment.
  • Sometimes, it does get very lonely. Especially if the training program is something you’ve been doing for a long time.
  • No Steam, Sauna, etc. Something I miss very badly especially during the winters.

I have canceled my gym membership in November. Not because I have anything against the gym, I think it’s great for folks who have the time to go back and forth. But I do need time with my son. In order to spend more time at home and focus on the workouts, I decided to cancel my gym membership. I will be missing the Sauna big time.

Hope this helps you all.

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