The Dark Side of Human Nature.

If you’ve seen a little bit of life (no, not going to the nearby theater and watching a movie), and I mean if you stayed away from home for even a little bit of time, when you’re on your own, you’ll know how dark human nature really is. 

C’mon Vivek, people are nice! 

Oh yeah, they are, as long as things are smooth.

Let me start from the start.

It comes along with other cognitive skills, we develop as humans. Trust is a big factor and we take everything at face value growing up. Most people we meet are secure in their own areas, zones, whatever, and trust is working fine, because conditions are apt. You got everything you need, why would anyone lie or fib or break your trust to get what they want, right?

Moving on..

According to a survey, the most amount of deaths caused are due to humans, not due to animals. It’s true. Human nature is fascinating. When conditions are good, everyone around is the nicest person ever. Let’s bring a little variable into the equation and boom! There is mistrust, lies, and the only thing that exists is the need to survive. That’s exactly what happens when we start living on our own v/s having something on a platter. You learn to survive, spot the “losers and fakers” from the “movers and shakers” (LOL, had to use this line, used it too many times verbally).

You develop that instinct to get a vibe from someone, not just about if they are lying to you, just the fact that you can also predict to a certain extent who will and won’t lie just by looking at them. And I know I’m not wrong. I’ve seen enough people to see through bull shit.

Many shows (MTV Roadies, Survivor), books (Snakes in Suits, Sway – The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior) and movies (Cube, Hypercube, Reservoir Dogs) have been developed on this concept where they include unpredictable situations, to create stress and to bring out the dark side of human nature. Whether you like the show, the book or the movie or not is a different story, but given the circumstances, I bet you’d do anything to survive. All the “Hi, how are you” and “I’m fine, thank you” are thrown out of the window. Do we see it every day in our lives? Yes, we do. Look around you. Imagine for just one second, if there were no laws in the country for just one hour. Do you the person next to you in that metro giving you a smile anymore or going on a rampage against you. There lies your answer. I don’t go about telling everyone how nice I am. I am far from that. And I know you’re dark and evil, given the right circumstances. What affected me the most and this was something I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that someone very close to me could do that to me. That episode took away whatever remaining faith I had in humanity.

Life isn’t about that first interview or that date with your girl/guy or about putting your best foot forward. Yes, that’s important too. The destination is important, yes yes! But, it’s about that process, the variation, the struggle, the journey, the behavior ups and downs, the reality, the behind the scenes. People don’t fuckin’ get it! 


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