After purchasing the P90X program, it took me 2 years to start it. After I started, there were many times I wanted to quit.

I pushed through and there were many reasons I pushed through. There are many reasons I could have quit. I wanted to highlight the main reasons and thoughts that went through my mind where I wanted to quit and how I pushed through.

1)      Looking at 90 days as a very strict and tight deadline

 I used to push myself every day and I felt if I missed a day or two, I would ruin the program. Not 3true! It doesn’t work that way! The 90 day journey is just the beginning. Sure, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and make it a priority when it comes to committing yourself with the program. But you also have to find a sweet spot, something sustainable, something long term and make it a lifestyle. Don’t look at 90 days as the end of the journey, think of it as a semester in school. The key is to move to advanced levels after 90 days are over.

 2)      Not dialing in your nutrition/Falling Sick

These workouts are not easy. Eating right is not easy. And I always say this, 80% of your results are nutrition. If you’re not eating right, you will not have energy to work out and not see results.  Shakeology, Multivitamins, Whey Protein, Fish Oils, etc. make a very basic requirement for anyone who is not even into working out and just looking to live healthy. With P90X, your requirements are way higher than any average person. Dialing in your nutrition will give you adequate energy and get rid of your cravings. Nutrition is key!

 3)      Not having a strong “Why”

 What made you purchase this program? What made you invest your hard earned money and make a decision to start this program? What made you purchase Shakeology? Why did you want to eat healthy? If you don’t have a strong enough reason to start, you won’t have a strong enough reason to continue. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey while trying to get to your destination. Have a strong “Why”, write it down and tape in next to your workout area, in your office cubicle, at home someplace where you can see it. Remember why you started, it will help you keep your focus.

4)      Not having support and dealing with negativity

Yes, it’s true! You become the average of the 5 people you associate with closely. Do you have support to help you go through with the program? Do you know someone who has been through this program? Do you know what to expect/modify to your needs? Do you have a Coach helping you with your program? Chances are, you don’t. And many of your friends and family might in fact ask you why you’re doing this. Chances are you start questioning yourself and many people quit the program. Encouragement is a big part of the process. Knowing time and again, that you’re doing the right thing is important. You can choose to be “outstanding” or you can choose to “fit in”. Make a choice.

Another way to get support is to join my team and become part of our closed Facebook group where there are people helping, encouraging and motivating each other.


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