No Country for Brown Men Brownian

Nah, not a racist title, not even sexist. The title is inspired from a movie I absolutely loved “No Country For Old Men”, watch it if you get a chance. And there’s more before you slam me.

I’m a Brown Man and proud to be one. Not that I worked hard to be brown to be proud of, I was born Brown, so better be proud and make the most of it LOL.

Years back, before I wanted to migrate to the US, I always blamed the society, the system back home. I kept saying how people are corrupt. I kept complaining. All the while, being equally part of the system. I was to be blamed too.

Now, there’s a two fold equation – On one side, we talk about change, on the other side, we talk about behaving like the Romans when in Rome. The real truth is neither extreme is true. You make a change in your best possible way you can. Take your own home for instance. That’s the only place where truly you can make a change. I don’t really think anyone would go about making a change in a country just like a Senator wont come to your office fixing a handset because it doesn’t work on 4G. You chose them to do their job, and you chose to work on a Telecom Project. It’s that simple. Do your job right, and make a change there. Yes, we all have a duty outside, and that is irrespective. It should not have to be out of the way.  It’s got to be a way of life. If you won’t feel it, you won’t be doing it. You might do it out of fear, but when you do because you want to, the habit stays long term.

There is no point complaining. I realized you have to be in the system to make a change in the system. You can’t run away thinking you’ve escaped the problems. Problems don’t end, they just evolve. I’ve met people who complained about roads in India and the same people complain about the immigration process in the USA. My question is, how long are you going to run. Then the title of this blog might hold true for you. Think about it.

PS: The picture represents Brownian Motion, not sure if you get the correlation, Brownian Motion = Random Motion. Doesn’t get any more random than this blog, the title, the concept. Get it?  😉

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