With the exception of my mother, I grew up around negativity. I grew up around abuse. Around humiliation. Each and every day. I didn’t have a choice growing up and personally I find it very strange when people say childhood were the best days. My childhood was a nightmare, the hnegativityelpless feeling, the financial dependency and inability to leave and all I was left was to withstand the humiliation, abuse and negativity until I had the power to choose.
Growing up meant a lot struggle. An overweight teen, a broken tailbone, and a total sad-case at academics. No one to lean on. No one to share with. No one to talk to.
I might have said this before and I say it again, negative people will bring you down. Negativity not only affects your mood, it also affects your central nervous system, cognitive thinking, immunity, ability to love and understand others needs. Negative people leave a footprint in your mind, a footprint that says – you’re not good enough.
My whole logic of writing this blog is to encourage you to believe in yourself and know that every person on Planet Earth has a space, a contribution. You too. But until you let go of that negativity in your life, you may not believe in it. You maybe trying too hard to please that one negative person in your life, who frankly, doesn’t give a f*ck.
No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, negative people will never be pleased. They will find something faulty. No. Matter. What.
Let go of negative people while you have the chance. You may not have that choice later on.
Coach V
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Coach V
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