Applied Philosophy Part 5chimp

Adult –

  • Gets a Mercedes. Cribs about gas prices.
  • Gets a 4K Ultra HD TV. Cribs about electricity bills.
  • Watches Big Boss. Cribs about negative people.
  • Thinks there is agenda behind every helping hand. Cribs about genuine people.
  • Becomes money-minded. Cribs about traffic. Mercedes li hai bhai. Crib to banta hai. 
  • Discusses religion, discusses politics. Appears intelligent. Cribs. Aiwe hi. 
  • Becomes unhappy, sad, not content. Doesn’t trust anyone. Cribs about no trust among people. 
  • Doesn’t forget, doesn’t forgive, loses friends related to small issues. Cribs about no social life.
  • Talks philosophy, doesn’t apply it. Cribs when someone says something meaningful in a humorous way. Listen to the same thing in a serious setting. Cribs regardless.
  • Learns technology, ignores human relations. Later realizes that’s the core of any organization. Cribs. 
  • Complicates simple matters. Joins laughter club. Art of living. Cribs.

Child –

  • Gets M&M, 5 different colors. Happy.
  • Watches Tom & Jerry. Happy.
  • Trusts helping hand, doesn’t know of any agenda behind the love and care. Happy.
  • Forgets, forgives easily in a matter of seconds. Friends forever, issues are forgotten. Happy.
  • Doesn’t know/care about religion, politics, etc. when making friends. No bias, no prejudice. Happy.
  • Cries in traffic, gets distracted when music starts. Happy.
  • Becomes happy with atthani ka gift. Happy with the gesture, the gift hardly matters. Happy.
  • Doesn’t talk philosophy, lives it. Happy.
  • Simplifies complicated matters. Happy.
So, who is wiser, the adult or the child?
Points to ponder.
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