I write this post for emotional reasons. I write this to share few things with you all because I feel, we as humans learn to blend with society, nothing wrong with that, but it takes away our own sense of belief to a certain degree.

I’ve believed in living with dignity. Some of you might not be aware, before getting my Masters in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and before becoming an Engineer, I used to do a lot of part time jobs back in India during my Bachelors degree.

– Teaching Martial Arts all over Mumbai to almost 750 students in various schools.
– Door 2 Door marketing for home products.
– Door 2 Door marketing for financial products (didn’t go too well, finance is not something I understand well, still don’t)
– Working in movies/ ad films on the side. (See video below)


Why did I do all that? Because I am a person who is hungry by nature, hungry for knowledge, hungry to do as much as I can and learn and I believe in living with Dignity. Dignity of labor, Dignity in relationships, Dignity as a friend, Dignity as a Coach.  

While doing all these jobs, I faced a lot of criticism. The culture in the Indian society (then, now things have changed I think) thinks of someone working part-time as a need rather than hunger for knowledge. Yes, few folks made fun of me, as I refused to sit on the “naka” and waste time. I did socialize with my very close friends but mostly I was working.

When I say we learn to blend with society, I was surprised to see the same folks who made fun of me in India, now worked at Subway, Sbarro and Dunkin Donuts part time on campus in the United States. When I asked them why they feel its OK to work here and not in India, their answer surprised me. They told me it’s OK to work in the USA while you study, not in India. Who set these rules? To me, work is work, after all. To me, that was a missed opportunity for them to explore themselves and their strengths while in India.

So, why this hypocrisy? Why such double standards?

It’s called blending, blending with society. If something is acceptable to society, we do it and to be brutally honest, some societies believe in public humiliation, and public killing; but does that make it right? Before you start blending with society, you have to first believe in your own point of view, in your own ethics and your own mindset.

Dignity is in our minds, its what we think about ourselves rather than society criticizing our work. Never be ashamed in who you are, never be ashamed in what you do, take pride, and most importantly, BELIEVE what you’re doing is making a positive difference; at least in your own life. If you can influence others, great, if not, then just make sure when you go to sleep, you’re very clear in your head that you gave it all and did your best.

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