I'm not sorry

“What’s with that title Vivek”? Isn’t that the first thing that crosses your mind? Why did I choose that title? Let me explain.

I always always said sorry for everything. EVERYTHING. For expressing my thoughts, my dreams, and what I wanted to become. Because some of my ambitions didn’t fit in with the safe money-earning lifestyle, I said “I’m Sorry”.

Well, why the F*** was I sorry? I made a choice and wanted to do my thing, then why would I be sorry? I was sorry because I felt I let my people down. I wanted them to be proud of me and not ashamed of my existence. I said Sorry, because I felt, my relationship with my people mattered more than my self-respect, not ego, self-respect.

But guess what, I was wrong. Big Time. When you give up your self-respect for “your” people, they aren’t really “your” people. “Your” people will protect your self-respect and not let you become a door mat. 

And I know what you’re thinking, what has this blog got to do anything with Fitness? It has. Fitness is a lifestyle. You may have chosen to become better at something, learn something new and “your” people may not support you. You keep saying sorry for making the right choices for yourself while protecting the relationship. It’s not fair to you. If you’re forced to eat pizza while “your” people emotionally blackmail you and tell you things like “hey, it’s just a bite” or “C’mon, you only live once” or “So, you won’t hang out with us anymore?”. You can tell from each and every statement, that most people associate get-togethers with food. Whatever happened to communicating, doing activities together, taking a walk by the beach/shore or just connecting with something else other than food. Food is one of the things you connect with people, not just the only thing. And that’s where you need to NOT apologize. Not say sorry. Freakin’ believe in what you’re doing is right. You’re not doing anything wrong by choosing a lifestyle.

Don’t be sorry for trying to make yourself a better person. People are overrated, you give too much importance to people, you end up devaluing yourself. Do this for you, a better you, for you.

So, why fit in when you can stand out?


Keep pushing play !






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