Hey all. So today is exactly 2 yrs since I signed up to be a Coach. Yes time flies!

Just wanted to remind you all that I struggled with many things then and continue to do so. The struggles change with each passing phase but the idea is to keep yourself occupied with newer harder challenges.

I can’t say if I’m a successful coach from a business point of view yet. For some reason that has never been my priority. But if you measure my success based on the Challenge Group, Fit Clubs and the friends I’ve made with like minded people you’d say I’m successful. It depends on how you measure success.

We all are struggling at different points in our journeys the key thing is to stick with it. Was it easy for me to start P90X? Was it easy for me to switch on the camera and start talking? Was it easy for me to publish my first video? No it never was. I still get nervous in front of the camera talking and keep thinking whether to release a video or not.

It just takes time to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is tough believe me but I read this someplace “do the thing and it will become your thing”. So just keep doing it. It will become a lifestyle, a reflex, a part of you.

Keep pushing play you all!

Coach V is only 2 years old now. And he needs you all to grow and become bigger and better 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday Coach V !!

Here’s a video showing Coach V struggle with another move from MFT28.








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