What does it take to be a leader?

To lead a team of people in an organization, or a business or help people meet their fitness goals. Who is a good leader really?

I was walking around an elevator yesterday and noticed the elevator closing. Running short of time, I ran towards the elevator and held the elevator just in time for myself and other people. I noticed a small kid, around 4-5 years of age, looking at me with awe. He looked at his father and told him “he is strong and fast”. He kept looking at me and I smiled at him, he smiled back. To him, at that very moment, I was his hero.

We lead everyday, we’re heroes to our children, to our family. If we respect other people, our children will learn that. If we eat good and stay active, our children will learn that. If we treat others with disrespect, our children will learn that. If we eat junk today, they surely will do that and “follow” the lead. Staying and eating healthy is not just for ourselves, it also sets a good example for our families and friends.

Think twice before you pick up that pizza or any junk food, your children are watching you and following you. Children don’t do what you tell them to do; they do what you do. The video below inspired me to write this post. Check it out.

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