I really want to take this time and talk the Beachbody Business today. I have never really looked at Beachbody from a Business angle, but want to write this blog for those who might want to look into it from a Business perspective and become a Beachbody Coach, not just to enjoy the discounts on the workout program, supplements, but also want to build their own business base.

Beachbody originally started as any regular company more than a decade ago. There were quite a few workout programs that hit the market and were not extremely popular until P90X took off. Many people started enjoying the benefits of an extreme fitness program in the comfort of their own homes. In other words, a system was put in place for folks who want to get in shape. And it was very cost-effective, you know that, I know that. It so happened, that there were a few cast members from the workout series, who were helping people on the Beachbody message boards for free. Beachbody started thinking of a way to compensate them for their valuable time and effort and the Network Marketing Platform looked like the best option.

Really want to clarify one thing here before we proceed, Network Marketing is not the same as a Pyramid Scheme. Pyramid Schemes are illegal and do not involve a product. You can research more on this subject on your own, but this is a different business aspect.

Another point I want to clarify is that many companies start off as a Network Marketing company, find folks that focus on “selling” and insert a random product. There is nothing unique about that product but still the distributors rave about it as if that’s the only product in the world that is top-notch. Most of it is hype.

A company like Beachbody has always been a grounded company. They could makes a ton of supplements and start “selling” and make a lot of money. But they still deliver workout programs from the top-notch trainers, such as Tony Horton, Shaun T, Sagi Kalev, and the list goes on. They continue to deliver the best workout programs, certifications (P90X, Insanity), trainings, etc. The best part is Beachbody never started as a Network Marketing company, they just realized there was no better way to compensate folks on the message board by going this route. It only proves how much their products are genuine.

When I became a Beachbody Coach, I honestly did not know this was based on the Network Marketing platform. I am not a business person, so these terms never made any sense to me anyways, even if I knew it was built on that platform. As I was using products from Beachbody, it made sense for me sign up as a Coach member for the discounts. It is when people started asking me what I have been doing, I “referred” them to P90X. I never sold them anything, all I did was share my journey with them and tell the best possible way on how they can do it too. Soon, I realized I was looking into the business side of things, such as setting up a website, making informative YouTube videos, getting P90X certification, teaching in a gym, etc. This business is not about selling, it’s about solving a problem. Am I super successful with this business? It depends upon your definition of success.

Of course, there’s always Coaches who focus on “selling” and that gives other coaches who are in this for a passionate reason a bad rep. In fact, that happens with every profession. No profession is bad, there’s just good people and bad people. You have to know and identify for yourself who you can relate with and which line of thought corresponds with yours.

I am an Engineer by profession and love being into fitness and researching about nutrition while fulfilling my passion. If you’re interested in learning more about this business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Check out this very funny video that explains what a Network Marketing company is and how it is NOT a pyramid scheme. 



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